Top 4 Must Have Features in a Mobile Holder for Bikes

Top 4 Must Have Features in a Mobile Holder for Bikes

Are you a rider who loves to go on bike trips? At time, long bike trips can be challenging, particularly if you are travelling in a new and unknown road. Solo bike trips require you to carry a mobile phone with you to navigate and show you the way around. More importantly, a mobile phone has become an important gadget in our day to day life managing everything from our finances to contact to content creation.  So, carrying and safeguarding your mobile phone during these long bike trips is a challenge to be tackled. This is why a mobile holder for bike is important for your trips. 

Before buying a mobile holder for you travel, make sure the holder comes with all of the following.

A Stable Mount That Secures the Phone

The mobile holder should secure your mobile phone. Today the average price of a good quality mobile phone ranges of 20,000 to 30,000/-. Your mobile holder is the only thing that is going to hold this phone. So it should have a stable mount that doesn’t move easily. The holder should have a jaw-grip that will fit a number of different sizes of handle bars allowing you to shift from one bike to another. The stability of the holder is the most important factor that you should check before buying the mobile phone holder.

Touch Sensitive Rain Cover to Protect from Showers

Next important thing that you should check in a mobile holder is the presence of a protective cover. While the grip of a holder is good enough to hold your phone, you can’t entirely rely on that alone. During high speed riding, the bike naturally vibrates, which can loosen the grip of the holder. Hence the presence of a protective cover is necessary. It will keep the phone safe during unexpected events. Also, it will protect the phone from rains and other water hazards. Just make sure that the holder is large enough to hold a mobile phone with a 6.5” screen.

USB Mobile Quick Charger for on-the Go Charging

During long hours of riding, your mobile phone can quickly discharge. Particularly, when you use navigation and GPS, the charge of your mobile batter drains faster. In order to provide a longer hours of operation for your phones, the holder should have a quick charging facility. With QC 3.0 Quick Charge Technology, Fleet Track mobile holder for bikes gives you the quickest charging for your mobiles on the go. The holder comes with a 6V & 3A fast charger that can juice up your mobile battery.

Easy Installation Options

When you travel, you may have to move the mobile around the handlebar to provide better visibility on the roads and to give ample protection to the mobile phones. So, the mobile phone holder for scooters should come with simple tools that can be used to fix, remove and install the holder. Similarly, the diameter of the handlebar is not uniform everywhere and across motor bikes. If the holder can accommodate a number of diameters, then it becomes easier for you to use the same mobile phone holder. 

Easier installation doesn’t mean cheaper materials. You need to have strong polycarbonate or metal bodies to give the necessary strength for the mobile holder.

Get a Long 1 Year Warranty from Fleettrack 

If you are looking for a reliable and sturdy mobile phone holder for your bike, then you should buy from Fleet Track. As one of the best and leading brands in India, Fleet Track has an immense experience in creating automotive care products and accessories. 

Additionally when you buy the mobile phone holder from Fleet Track, you get a replacement warranty of 1 year. This way, you can be assured that you are getting the best product in the industry. So, stop worrying about your long bike rides. Get the best mobile phone holder for your bikes from fleet Track. 

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