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Special Features

  • Safe Parking Call

    A feature of calling introduced when a user didn't receive a safe parking alert notification is not received within 30 secs. The user can also determine for which mobile number the phone is to be received. It only works in Fleettrack Pro Models.

  • Nearby

    Locate nearby petrol pumps, hospitals and many more with ease using our app's intuitive interface, ensuring quick access to essential services wherever you are.

  • Portable Tracker Percentage

    Monitor the real-time status of the battery and also get

    • Low Battery Alerts
    • Battery Percentage Status
    • Battery Full Alerts
  • Fleettrack Status

    Fleettrack status can be used for sharing announcements, promotions or important updates with a wide audience of Users. Overall, it's a versatile tool for communication and expression within the Fleettrack ecosystem.

  • My Vehicles

    View all vehicles on a single map for streamlined tracking and management, ensuring efficient monitoring and coordination at a glance.

  • Share Vehicle

    Easily share your vehicle's location with others using our GPS app, enabling seamless coordination and access for authorized u

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Stay in control with real-time tracking and smart security features with Fleettrack GPS tracker for your vehicle.

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