Wherever you go, we've got you covered

Unlock real-time visibility and security with our cutting-edge GPS trackers. From fleet management to personal safety, trust us to keep you connected and protected on the move.

Seamlessly compatible with both iOS and Android devices

our app ensures you're always connected, regardless of your platform preference


  • Live GPS tracking

    Shows accurate location of vehicle using its high quality GPS antenna. The device updates location every 10 seconds while in motion and keeps you connected in idle condition.

  • Daily Statistics

    All the daily stats like Run time, Idle time, Stoppage time, Distance, Average speed and Max speed are shown on daily basis.

  • Geo-Fence

    Use geo-fence feature to create safezone around your vehicle to get notified as soon as the vehicle enter/exit state in that region.

  • Instant Safe Parking Alarm

    Get notified in case of theft by alarm notification(If ignition is turned on or vehicle is moved via towing or pushing).

  • Graphical Report

    Check 14 days graphical report of your vehicle in Analytics section by default and change the dates with calender option available on the top section.

  • Remote Engine Lock

    Simply turn off your vehicle by swiping down in app. The vehicle will be turned off within seconds if driven in less than 10 km/hr or in idle state.

Multiple Vehicle - OneDevice

Ensure protection of your bike, car, scootyand other vehicles

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