White Label GPS Tracking Software

The features provided below will aid you in recognizing the progress and development of GPS software.

  • Your branding

    Make the brand-able platform your own, with your name on the splash screen, logo and app icon.

  • API Integration

    Provides APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for integration with other systems or third-party applications.

  • Low pricing

    Create your own pricing. Your clients only see the price you charge, not the price you pay us.

  • Admin Panel

    Mobile friendly admin interface to manage client accounts, diagnose and troubleshoot issues

What you Get With Our Vehicle Tracking Software

Safe Parking Alarm

Get custom safe parking alarms and immobilise vehicles from wherever you are. Nobody can steal your assets protected by Fleettrack!


Geofencing allows for real-time monitoring of a device's location. As the device moves, the system continuously checks whether it is within or outside the geofenced area.


Check 14 days graphical report of your vehicle in Analytics section by default and change the dates with calender option available on the top section.

Custom Alerts

Unauthorised movements and activities cannot go unnoticed when you customise the alerts you want to get about your fleet’s whereabouts.

Optimised According to Your Budget

Our pre-paid subscription model and the budget-optimised system will help you
be in the know about your vehicles without burning a hole in your pocket!

  • Pay Per Vehicle

    Avoid wasteful expenses with per-vehicle payments. We do not have fixed packages for a fixed number of vehicles. You pay only for what you track.

  • Free Trial Period

    We will not charge you anything if you delete your vehicle from our system within the first seven days. But we’re sure you won’t need to do that!

  • Fair Starting Time

    Your subscription period will begin when we receive the first data packet from your vehicle, not when you register it on the software!

  • Licence-Based Model

    Work with our licence-based payment model. Transfer licence to your clients only on payment to avoid delays and hassle.


You name the device and we can integrate it.

You don’t have to limit yourself to a handful of devices. We have integrated 500+ devices/sensors successfully.

Frequently Asked Question

What does telematics software do?

Telematics software is designed to collect, transmit, and process data from vehicles on the move to the cloud server. Data is collected by hardware devices such as GPS trackers, OBD CAN, sensors, etc installed on the vehicle. This data is then sent for processing to the cloud. It is then presented in digestible formats on the GPS tracking software dashboard.Telematics software allows managers to know what is happening to their fleet on the road in real-time

What is GPS fleet tracking?

GPS fleet tracking is the process of monitoring commercial vehicles’ locations in real time. It is the process of getting real-time information on assets scattered across states or borders.GPS fleet tracking software allows managers to be aware of where their vehicles are at all times. It helps managers to plan routes, send emergency help, generate accurate ETAs and keep tabs on their consignment.

What kinds of information can GPS tracking software access?

GPS tracking platform can ideally access the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of a vehicle in real-time. It can track geocoded information as well. However, when paired with advanced algorithms and features, GPS tracking software can be revamped into a complete fleet management solution. This solution can access information such as engine health, driver behaviour, fuel levels, and odometer readings among others.

Why should I use telematics software for GPS Tracking business?

Telematics uses wireless devices to collect real-time data from commercial vehicles and transmit them to your systems. GPS Tracking goes beyond locational monitoring and provides a comprehensive transport management solution to businesses. It offers driver monitoring system, video telematics, vehicle health diagnostics and so much more. The more comprehensive the solution is, the better the fleet analytics get. Hence, stimulating better decision-making and swelling profits.

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