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  •  It's good to keep the bike safe

    This is excellent product. So far I get every notification even If switch it On or Off. The only thing is I didn't get the alarm after setting the geofence radius. Rest all good.

  • Nice product

    I am using it for 2 months. Nice product. Very useful for me. It really reduces the panic of bike theft. The tracking system are wonderful. Its clearly shows the route which we travelled for past 3 months and how much km travelled and max speed, ignition ON/OFF notification etc... But the only bitter think is the yearly reacharge plan cost 1800. I think it should be better if they reduce the cost.

  • Best GPS system ever

    I Have used this product for 1 month. very good product very easy to install and I can install it in my bike without others help in just 10 mins .no need of disturbing or cutting wires in bike instead we can connect it in the connection port which is already provided in our bikes so no cancellation of bike waranty . After installing this device I fell very safe and secure with my bike though I have no parking place in my house I have leave my bike in the road it is because of this device I can sleep weel without the thought of theft .

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