Why Every Household Needs Smart Bluetooth  Trackers?

Why Every Household Needs Smart Bluetooth Trackers?

If you have a hard time locating your stuff like keys, wallets, watches, or even your pets, all the time, then it is time you got yourself a Smart Bluetooth Tracker. These are small gadgets that can fit inside your wallets, or can be used as a keychain. They operate on connection with an app installed in your smartphone, and come in handy when you have misplaced any item attached to the tracker. If you connect it with your keys, and you misplaced the key, you can get into the app and click the play sound while searching for the key. Once the tracker comes in range of your phone, the tracker will send signals to play the alert sound in your mobile. You can then easily locate your keys.

Smart TAG Bluetooth Trackers are Compact & Helpful

Smart Trackers are very useful tools that come in handy for people who own a lot of stuff and find it hard to keep track of them all. Sometimes we tend to forget where we place our items and search for it for hours, and even days. But with the smart tracker in hand, we can save ourselves from a lot of frustration. These devices are very compact and they come with a good battery that can last up to 2 years. They are enabled Bluetooth BLE 5.0, and other features such as proximity rings that tells you how close or far you are from the device, and a loud sound alert that can produce up to 98 dB. 

Bluetooth Tracker is Affordable and Easy to Use

Fleettrack’s TAG is the latest of smart Bluetooth trackers and it comes with a price tag of ₹999/- only. It is very cheap and its versatility will make you want to buy multiple trackers for all your belongings. The tracker is very easy to use too. Turn on the tracker by pressing the button, while installing the tracker app on your smart phone. Turn on Bluetooth in your phone and the tracker will automatically pair with the phone and the app. Once connected you can attach the tracker to your belongings and let it sit. When you want to find the item, say, your wallet, you can get into the app and press search. The proximity rings will show up on your phone’s screen and it will show you how far you are from the wallet. It is like using a radar to locate an object underground.

TAG Trackers Can Be Used with All Items

The best thing about the tracker is that it can be used with any item you possess. It could be your keys, your Air Pod cases, your vehicles, in case you have trouble finding them in crowded parking lots, or even your pets and children whenever you take them on outings. The app and the tracker work in tandem with each other and save you a lot of time and worries. 

Easy to Find Misplaced Items

The tracker has a ‘Lost & Found Community” working behind it too. If you have attached the tracker to your belonging and you have lost it, you can make a ‘Find’ request inside the Fleettrack community. Set your tracker’s status to ‘Lost’ through your app, and if anyone in the community comes in range with the Tag, their phone will connect with it and their app will automatically send a location alert to yours. You can then retrieve your tracker from the location.

Bluetooth Trackers Saves Your Time & Money

There is also a separation alert feature in the tracker. If your tracker or your phone move out of range from one another, you will be notified instantly through the app. This minimises your chances of leaving behind anything valuable. On the other hand, you can also use the tracker to find your phone. Push the button on the tracker for 3 seconds straight and it will alert the app to ring the phone.

Achieve Peace of Mind – Buy the Best Smart Bluetooth Tracker

With the smart tracker attached to your valuables, you can relax, knowing your belongings are safe and can be located no matter what. This is like finding something before you even lose it in the first place. This visiting card sized device will give you a peace of mind, and a sense of security.

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