What are the Advantages of Smart Tyre Inflator for Cars over Ordinary Air Pumps?

What are the Advantages of Smart Tyre Inflator for Cars over Ordinary Air Pumps?

If you own a car then you will know the importance of a handy device that can refill the tyres. If your car has ordinary tube tyres, then you will have to change them during flat tyres. However, if your car has tubeless tires, then you can easily repair the punctures and refill air to the wheels. This is where the air pumps and smart tyre inflators play an important role in your journeys. For a starter, keeping either of these in your car boot is mandatory for a safe and trouble-free trip. If you have the budget for it, then it is always advisable to go for the smart tyre inflator instead of the conventional air pump.

Smaller & Powerful Device for Quicker Refill of the Tyre

An air pump is often hefty and is not powerful enough to fill the air in a matter of minutes. The low power threshold of the pump reduces the efficacy of device and takes a lot longer to refill the air. In case of the smart tyre inflator, it comes with a quick acting and powerful mechanism that can inflate the tyre within a matter of seconds. Even if the tyre is completely flat it can refill in under a minute.

Wireless Operation & Easy to Use Device

Conventional air pumps need to stay connected to the battery source of your car of bike. This makes the presence of the cord a mandatory one. At times, the wire could even hinder proper refilling of air. In large cars, the wire might end up insufficient and hinder the refilling process. In case of a smart tyre inflator, it is built for wireless operation. So, inflating your car wheels are done in a jiffy without much difficulty.

Self-Contained Power Source

Electric air pumps are easier to operate on a car, it is not advisable for bikes. Firstly, bike batteries are smaller and these pumps can quickly drain them. Secondly, it necessitates the presence of a connecting cord that reduces the ease of use. Smart tyre inflators come with in-built batteries that can last a while. So, you can easily refill air for your bike and car wheels. You can refill the tyres even if the vehicle battery is on low charge. This can be the difference between getting stranded and getting back on the road quickly.

Maintain Accurate Tyre Pressure with Digital Controllers

Conventional air pumps generally don’t come with an internal tyre pressure indicator. Even the ones that come with an indicator are not accurate as they have analogue indicators. On a smart tyre inflator, you can find digital pressure indicator that shows the accurate pressure readings. So, you can easily maintain the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle. If the internal tyre pressure is higher than the recommended limit, then the inflator also helps in deflating the tyre pressure.

LED Light for Ease of Use during Dark & Night Times

The Fleet Track smart tyre inflator comes with an in-built LED light that provides the necessary light source for refilling your tyres in no man’s 

land. Often times, when your car wheel gets punctured you will be stranded at places with zero or minimal lighting. LED light provides ample illumination for fixing your wheels and in warning other cars and traffic of your stationary position on the road.

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