Secure Your Cars and Vehicles by Using This GPS Tracking Software

Secure Your Cars and Vehicles by Using This GPS Tracking Software

Do you own more than one car or vehicle? Today, most car-owning families also own a bike or two for shorter commute and easier transportation. If you own a car or two bikes, then you can ensure better safety for your family members and friends by using GPS tracker for cars and bikes. GPS trackers are affordable and start with a price range of ₹2800. If you look at the price of your car or bike, the cost that you spend for these trackers are minimal. However, the safety and security these provide is much higher.

Safety of Your Family is Paramount

Safety of your family is more important than anything in the world. Whether you live in a crowded city or an isolated village, you need to ensure extreme safety of your family members. The risks associated with driving a car or riding a bike is always high. By installing a GPS tracker for cars you can ensure that you have an eye on the location of your car and the safety of your family.

The GPS tracking software provides a mobile friendly interface to track the location of your vehicles and more importantly provide a host of other features like geofencing, custom alerts and route history of your vehicles for up to a period of 3 months. 

Prevent Unauthorised Use of Your Cars

In a family with teenagers and young adults, there is a high chance of them taking the vehicles without proper intimation or preparation. This unauthorised usage of cars can lead to accidents or even loss of life. In order to prevent such incidents, you can activate custom alerts on your GPS tracking software. 

You can easily demarcate driving zones and allow the operation of the cars in the specific zones alone. This geofencing protects unauthorised usage of cars outside a specific location. Similarly, you can also get custom alerts when a car goes out of the zone.

Monitor Your Kids and Provide Better Safety to Your Children

Teenagers tend to drive faster than required as it gives them a thrill. However, this puts them at risk of accidents and mishaps. When you connect OBD GPS or On-board Diagnostics and GPS trackers, you can find the real time information of the vehicles such as odometer reading, trip meter readings, and other crucial data in real time. With the GPS tracking software, you can find all these details from one dashboard.

In case of an accident or mishap, you can easily find support at the location of the incident. You can monitor the travel route over a period of 3 months, and save critical engine and car information for up to a period of 12 months. Using this analytics, you can find the optimum usage value of the vehicle. The GPS tracking software provides a host of features and advantages. However, the cost associated with the software is not as high as the benefits provided by the software. You can test the suitability of the software by trying it for a period of 7 days. Similarly, you can also pay for the number of vehicles that you are tracking. All these options make Fleet Track GPS tracking software the ideal solution to ensure the safety of your family.

Prevent Theft and Find Your Cars with Ease

You can enable a safe parking alarm in your car and in case of an unauthorised opening of your car or movement, the GPS tracking software alerts you. It protects your car from being stolen from the garage without your consent. If for any reason you suspect unauthorised operation, you can use the remote kill switch to immobilise your engine from remote. 

Even if someone has stolen your car, you can easily find the location of the car and bikes and get the vehicles back without much difficulty. You can share the location details to the legal and police department. This reduces the investigation time and minimises the retrieval time.

Ensure Safety and Minimise Your Transportation Expenses

Fleettrack GPS tracker and GPS tracking software provide a 360º protection for your cars and bikes. Whether your vehicles are stolen or stranded somewhere, or met with an accident, it is easy to track and find the same within a few minutes. Similarly, you can also negotiate with insurance providers to ask for attractive offers in insurance premium.

With fuel tracking and on-board diagnostics tracking, you get the real time data of your car and find out reasons behind the high cost of operation. You can minimise the wastage and spillage during operation of the vehicles.

Insurance companies provide attractive discounts to people who install GPS trackers to their vehicles as the data can be used to understand the driving pattern and behaviour of the driver, the risks associated with travel routes, and theft prevention, etc.

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