How a White Label GPS Tracking Software can Save Your Business Expense

How a White Label GPS Tracking Software can Save Your Business Expense

Modern technologies help businesses save a lot of effort, time and money. Yet small businesses spend less than 3% of their revenue on technology and tech solutions. This is why most companies find it hard to grow their revenue and scale their business. For instance, companies around the world spend a considerable chunk around 10% of their revenue on transportation. True that a huge part of these expenses are unavoidable but improper planning and poor utilisation also contribute to this high percentage of expense.

Installing GPS tracker systems for business vehicles can reduce the overall cost of your transportation in many ways. 

  • Prevention of Misuse by Drivers and Staff
  • Reduction of Unnecessary Idling
  • Protection from Theft
  • Continuous Tracking and Monitoring
  • Proper Route Planning & Better Utilisation

GPS Tracking Ensures the Safety of Your Vehicles

Whether you are a restaurant delivering food to customers in your locality or a logistics company shipping products to different parts of the country, you will gain a lot by installing GPS trackers for bikes and cars. For a restaurant delivering food on bikes and scooters, you can use the specialised GPS trackers for bikes. For larger commercial vehicles and cars, you can install the GPS tracker in the dashboard of the vehicle. These devices can be safely connected with the vehicle batteries to ensure a non-stop operation.

 With 24/7 monitoring and tracking of live location, you have constant vigil and complete control over your fleet of vehicles. Your business can gain a lot by minimising wastages and maximising vehicle utilisation.

Customise Your Dashboard and Profile

With Fleet Track White Label GPS software, you can customise the branding to meet that of your own brand. This gives a professional look and uniformity to your business. Similarly you can also customise the GPS tracking software and give a seamless experience.


Use your own logo, typography, colour theme and other elements to suit your brand identity. Give a personalised and relatable feel to the GPS tracking software.

Use the Vehicle Analytics to Your Advantage

The GPS software helps you to record the daily travel route, vehicle analytics and telematics. The software stores the travel history for a period of 3 months and the other analytics can be retrieved up to one year. By installing OBD CAN and other sensors you can also collect the telematics of your vehicles.

Using these travel routes, you can chart a better route for the vehicle and plan its utilisation in a better way. Similarly, you can use the vehicle analytics to understand the overall utilisation and efficiency of the vehicle. Further telematics will provide you critical details about the need for maintenance and services. When you use the white label GPS tracking software, you get all these at a fraction of the cost that you need to develop a new software. 

Use API Integration for Further Customisation

If you are planning to develop other apps such as an ecommerce app or logistics tracking app using the data from the GPS software, it is possible. Using the API integration you can pull the necessary data to third party apps. Contact us to know more about this. 

Minimise the Cost with Licence Based Model

One of the best advantages of using the Fleet Track White Label GPS Tracking software is that it is affordable and easily scalable. Developing a new software for your administration and mobile app for each of the drivers is a daunting task. The cost will go in lakhs and lakhs of rupees. Instead of spending all the time and money on reinventing the wheel, you can easily white label and use our GPS tracking software

Further, your hosting and server cost could multiply the effective cost of the app by a factor of 2. By using our software, you not only mitigate these costs but also get utmost security for your data. We provide the best security infrastructure for the software and protect your confidential data from leaking. On top of all these advantages, you need not pay a fixed charge for the app. You need to pay only for the number of vehicles and licences that you want. This way, you can scale the software as you scale your business without worrying about the associated costs.

So, what are you still thinking about? Get our white label GPS Tracking software and save your business expenses. Book a free consultation with us. 

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