How Textile Mills can Ensure the Safety of Employees and Reduce Costs at the Same Time?

How Textile Mills can Ensure the Safety of Employees and Reduce Costs at the Same Time?

Textile is one of the most important and profitable businesses in the region of Erode, Karur, Tiruppur and Coimbatore. The area is riddled with spinning mills, textile plants, manufacturing and dyeing units. In order to ensure continuous operation of these factories, there is a need to work round the clock. 

Ensuring safety of the workers and employees of these large plants is a challenging task for companies. However, with a reliable GPS tracking software, you can not only maintain the safety standards but also reduce the overall transportation costs. This can be done by a simple 5 step process. 

Step 1 - Install GPS Trackers in Vehicles

If you have two or more vehicles then it is important to install GPS trackers in all the vehicles as it will help in easier monitoring and better management of the vehicles. Whether you have a car or bus, the trackers can provide real time location and miscellaneous statistics that will help you optimise the operation.

A good GPS tracker will have a long life and be easy to install. There are two main variants in GPS trackers - one with an internal battery pack and another that requires an external power supply. For large vehicles, it is easy to install the ones that require external supply. 

Step 2 - Start Using the Whitelabel GPS Tracking Software

Once the GPS tracker is installed in your vehicle, you will need a GPS tracking software to use the device. While there are many software in the market, you get complete control over your data and app in the whitelabel GPS tracking software. You can rebrand the software to suit your business branding. This way, you can customise the experience for your team. 

There are many advantages to using the whitelabel GPS tracking software such as 

  • Customise the UI and UX to meet your brand guidelines.
  • Low cost of development and customisation.
  • Prompt support from our team.
  • Easy integration using APIs.
  • ‘Pay as you use’ plan reduces fixed costs.

Further, the software can be used to track all kinds of vehicles that have a GPS tracker. So, you can track your company two wheelers, cars and buses all using the same software.

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Step 3 - Ensure Safety and Security of Your Employees 

The GPS software provides you information about the real time location of your vehicles. So, you can always track the vehicles when your employees are commuting from and to their residence. In case of any unexpected events like a flat tire, accident or any other mishaps, you can quickly dispatch an alternate vehicle to carry the people from that location. 

Additionally, you can monitor the live location of the vehicle and stop the vehicles in time from going out of the route. This way, even when you hire a new driver, you can maintain the same timing and trip of your vehicles. There are options for geofencing on the software. Now, you can ensure that the vehicles are not moved beyond the usual operation area. This way you stop misuse of your vehicles.

Step 4 - Optimise the Operations of Your Fleet with GPS Tracking Software

When you start using the whitelabel GPS tracking software from Fleet Track, you get the 3 month route map of the vehicle providing you with the overall movement of the vehicle. This can be analysed to design new and better route maps that can minimise your fuel costs. 

By installing other on-board devices, you can monitor on-board diagnostics, telematics that give continuous information about the vehicle like tyre pressure, engine condition, and many other crucial data. By tracking these data, you can protect your vehicle by engaging in preventive maintenance. Otherwise, it could lead to costly breakdown.

The software stores the overall analytics for a period of up to 12 months. Using the 12 month analytics history, you can find out which vehicles are being used efficiently and which are yet to improve. The scope for improvement of all vehicles can be identified and executed. 

Step 5 - Provide Real-time Updates to Your Employees 

Finally the most important part of ensuring an efficient transport system, you need to provide real-time location updates to your employees. This way, people will know when the staff bus starts from the office or where it is real-time. This way, you can minimise the avoidable delays in the daily commute. 

Data from our Fleettrack whitelabel GPS software can be used to develop your own apps. Using API integration, you can pull the data such as real-time location of your vehicles, analytics and other data from the cloud to build your own app for your employees. 

Employees can login to your app and find where the staff bus is and come to the designated stops accordingly. 

Are you still undecided about using the GPS software? Get on a free consultation with us and we will show how you can propel your business growth using the whitelabel GPS software. 

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