How Cities are Modernising Waste Management with GPS Trackers

How Cities are Modernising Waste Management with GPS Trackers

With the growth of industrialisation comes a natural problem called waste accumulation. From municipal solid wastes, to industrial wastes, hazardous wastes, and biological wastes, we generate a lot of them, and the governments are struggling to handle the problem effectively. With growth of new recycling technologies, a lot of new methods are being developed to process wastes. Part of the solution is transporting the wastes to secure locations, and this requires a lot of vehicles designated to do the job. District administrations are signing contracts with many vehicle operators to do the job, but the operators are sceptical about the safety of their vehicles during the operations. This is where Fleettrack’s GPS Tracker for vehicles come in handy. Before we get to see what these trackers do, let’s see the waste management scenario in our country.

Solid Waste & Waste Management in India

Every year, around 62 million tonnes of waste is produced in India. Of this, only about 12 million tonnes are treated/recycled into harmless substances. As for the rest, they end up in landfills, rivers, lakes, and other regions, affecting large ecosystems, and habitable regions alike. Waste management is a crucial part of modern living and many new companies are opening up to process the wastes before they can harm the environment. If you are running a waste management company, or even supplying vehicles for the same, then you must know that you are doing a very important job. 

Need for Better Optimisation of Waste Collection

With affordable GPS trackers installed on your vehicles/fleets, you can relax knowing your vehicles are operating safely, without any problems. You will know the exact locations of your lorries/trucks, earth movers, and other heavy vehicles you rent out to the waste management authorities. This addition of technology to your vehicles also helps in optimisation of the whole process. The authorities can streamline their operations to ensure faster operations and make sure they do their jobs effectively. Everything from waste collection, to processing can be done on time, with maximum efficiency.

Installing GPS Trackers Ensure Regular Waste Collection

An added advantage of installing these trackers is that they ensure regular waste collection in a specified region. This prevents accumulation of wastes in a particular spot and is helpful for all the civic and corporation workers who are involved in keeping the city clean. The price of GPS trackers are very low too. Call Fleettrack to inquire about the full set of details about the product. The trackers are the hardware side of the process, and they are installed individually in each of your vehicles. They come with their own SIM cards which transmit the location details to the software.

Better Management of Fleet with Analytics

The GPS tracking software receives the location and other data from the hardware and gives you detailed reports about the vehicles. It shows you the exact location of your vehicle, the fuel levels in them, parking data, speed of the vehicles, and so much more. You can instruct your drivers on how to handle the vehicles from wherever you are. The software also provides detailed reports about your operations and helps you optimise your operations.

Efficient Routing of Vehicles for Regular Operation 

One of the best use scenarios of the Whitelabel GPS software is how you can manage vehicle routes during festivals and other times. It is very hard to manage your fleet in crowded cities. With the software by your side, you can manage the routes and speeds of the vehicles to ensure smooth operation. With your vehicles operating efficiently, you can relax and be proud knowing that you are contributing towards keeping the city clean. 

Corporations can save on fuel and salaries by efficiently rerouting the vehicles so that each vehicle covers the maximum area with the minimal fuel. Using the 3 month route map and the 12 month analytics data available in the software, corporations can enhance the operational efficiency of the fleet. 

Additionally, municipal corporations can also provide real-time information of waste collection vehicles to the common public. The location data from the GPS software can be used and shared on a website. This increased transparency leads to better monitoring and management of the waste collection mechanism in cities. 

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