How Construction Companies can benefit by Using White label GPS Tracking Software

How Construction Companies can benefit by Using White label GPS Tracking Software

Construction companies are known mainly for their efficiency in raising buildings and skyscrapers. They are seldom appreciated for the amount of vehicles they operate and maintain. Everything from bull dozers, trucks, rollers, concrete mixers, cranes, are heavy machinery and they require constant monitoring for optimal performance. If you own a construction company and you want an easy way to manage your vehicles, then Fleettrack’s Whitelabel GPS Tracking Software can help you. It is the state of the art software that allows you to monitor all your vehicles from a single location.

Pilferage of Construction Materials is a Huge Challenge

There are a lot of challenges in running a construction company. One of the main problems is pilferage of construction materials such as concrete, mortar, sand, and even tar. You spend hours brokering a deal to get the materials at the most profitable price and people come trying to steal them from you. 

The worst of all, they use your vehicles to siphon off the materials to another location. In such situations, the GPS tracker will come in handy, for you will know where and when your vehicles go. Whether they are loading materials from the suppliers, or dropping them off at the sites, you can track their movements from the comfort of your office. With proper use of technology like dashcam, GPS trackers, OBD sensors, you can track and monitor the usage of your vehicles. This way, you can reduce the theft, wastage of construction materials.

Installation of GPS Trackers in Lorry / Trucks Reduces Stealing

The GPS Tracking software will require you to install a hardware on your trucks, and other vehicles. This hardware is equipped with a SIM card which relays its location information to the software. It also transmits data such as vehicle speed, route information, parking information, etc. With all this information by your side, you can ensure your vehicles stay on the designated paths, and don’t stray away. The geo-fencing feature included in the software helps you create a virtual perimeter for each individual vehicle. This helps you make sure your fleet stays within a given geographical region. Smuggling of sand, stones and cement in large construction projects is a big challenge and it can be easily thwarted by installing the GPS tracker and using the FleetTrack White Label GPS tracking software. 

Ensure Timely Availability of Materials by Proper Planning

The software also calculates idle time of the vehicles, and alerts you regarding the same. This way you can make sure the supplies reach the sites at the right time. You can reduce overall delays in operations, and ensure timely completion of projects. Transporting bricks, steel, cement, sand, and stone, require a lot of planning and hard work. With the vehicles safely operating under the software’s watchful eyes, you can rest easy knowing your business is secure.

Enhance Productivity by Prompt Construction and Completion of Projects

From laying the foundations, to preparing Gantt charts for the project, to successfully completing them, you will have your hands full during the entire process. You won’t have time to keep track of your fleet during this time. This is why it is important that you install the GPS software from Fleettrack and attach the hardware to your vessels. The software will provide you all kinds of alerts regarding the vehicles, from safe parking alarms to fuel level indicators, to performance charts, the software can do them all. You can focus entirely on the projects and have them completed on time.

Benefits of Using Fleet Track GPS Tracking Software

Fleettrack’s GPS Tracking Software has a lot of competitive advantages over other software in the market. It is equipped with a simple User Interface and therefore very easy to use. The Admin Panel has an intuitive design, which you can master within minutes of operating it. It can be integrated with your existing operating systems and third-party applications, and also paired with any GPS hardware system you have installed on your vehicles. It provides you detailed statistics and reports on the operations of the vehicles, so that you can improve their performance in the days to come. You can customise alerts, and other parameters for your vehicles and make them operate at optimal efficiency.

Start using the GPS Software and enhance profitability of your construction company.

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