Maintain Your Fleet of Vehicles with White Label GPS Tracking Software

Maintain Your Fleet of Vehicles with White Label GPS Tracking Software

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a hard task in itself. You need to look after their operational conditions, their performance on the road, make sure they don’t stay idle, and regularly service them so they stay in top condition. Apart from all these there is the problem of making sure they work well while going out of your sight. That is, no matter where the vehicles go, you need to be sure they reach their destination on time, and deliver your services perfectly. What if we tell you there is an easy way to do all this, without having to strain yourself. From Fleettrack, we present you our White Label GPS tracker software that will do all your work for you.

All Businesses Need Vehicles for Smooth Operation

No matter what business you run, you will be managing a set of vehicles in your name. For example, if you own an IT company, you will be required to employ cabs, buses, and private cars to be used by your employees and clients. If you are running a manufacturing plant, you will be having heavy vehicles, transporters, and even high performance trucks, etc. Even agro based industries require vehicles such as tractors and trailers for smooth functioning. 

Every business requires at least one or two vehicles to be maintained properly. In the year 2022-2023, more than 9.6 lakh commercial vehicles have been sold in India. And obviously, all your vehicles will be handled by your drivers and chauffeurs who only use the vehicles as a part of their jobs. They seldom worry about the importance of the vehicle in your business. Most companies have an administrative expense of around 20-25% which will include the transport costs. Out of the administration expenses, most companies spend around 10% for transport. By efficient usage of the vehicles, most companies can save 2 to 3% on the annual expenses. 

Effective & Efficient Use of Vehicles Help in Profitability

This is where a GPS tracker for car comes in handy. These trackers can be installed in all vehicle models, and used very easily. There are plenty of GPS trackers available in the market these days. You can even order Fleettrack’s GPS hardware and have them installed on your vehicles. If the hardware is one eye for tracking your car, the other one is the GPS tracking software. This software gives you full control of your vehicles right from your phones. It will send you information such as vehicle location, fuel level, vehicle speed, parking information, and so much more. Even more, it lets you take control of the vehicle remotely from anywhere in the world.

Monitor Your Vehicles Using GPS Trackers

The GPS tracker for bikes, and cars shows you the exact locations of the vehicles in your computer/tab. You can use the in-built maps in the software to assess the location of the vehicles. This way, you will know if your vehicle is maintaining its schedule and arriving at its destination at the right time. All it needs is a steady internet connection, and a GPS hardware installed on the vehicle. The hardware is fitted with a SIM card with internet connection, which transmits the location info of the vehicle constantly.

Manage the Fleet Movement with GPS Tracking Software

You can also set Geo-fences for your vehicles using our Whitelabel GPS tracking software. Geo-fencing is when you set-up a virtual perimeter for your vehicles and get notified whenever the vehicle exits the designated perimeter. This feature comes in handy when you have to save fuel, and reduce unwanted movement of your vehicles around the cities. Also, the vehicles will be saved from unwanted usage by anyone.

Advantages of Using Fleet Track GPS Tracking Software

There are several advantages that come with our GPS tracking software

  • Easy to install the GPS trackers
  • You can easily integrate with your existing operational systems,
  • Whitelabel GPS software can be customised to suit your brand designs.
  • The software also gives you detailed reports about the fleet’s performance, with details such as fuel usage, mileage charts, 3-month route history charts, etc. 
  • Track real time locations of vehicles.

In all, the whitelabel GPS software will make your job easier, and smoothen your operations thereby enhance the profits for your business. So, what are you waiting for? 

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