Provide Timely Updates for Your Logistics Business with Fleet Track White Label GPS Tracking Software

Provide Timely Updates for Your Logistics Business with Fleet Track White Label GPS Tracking Software

Track all your active vehicles easily with Fleettrack’s White label GPS software. It can be integrated with your existing fleet management software with ease and it will help your logistic business run smoothly. Get real-time status about the vehicles in transit, generate insights about tracked vehicles, and provide up-to-date information about shipments to your customers, all with our state-of-the-art software. Use our GPS hardware along with our software for a seamless experience. 

Challenges in Running a Logistics Business

Logistics is a time-crucial business. It involves a lot of coordination and many companies are choosing to automate their businesses in recent years. The most difficult part of logistics business is keeping track of the vehicles. Only with precise knowledge on the locations of vehicles can a logistics business deliver its services efficiently. Fortunately, there are a lot of software based solutions for vehicle tracking available right now. There are also software for other requirements such as inventory management, workforce management, etc.

As for vehicle management, Fleettrack’s GPS software is the best solution available in the market now. Our software is user-friendly, and it comes with low pricing. You can also customise the software to showcase your branding information such as logos, and app icons.

How GPS Tracking Provides Better Safety & Deliverability

Our software lets you monitor the location, working condition, route maps, of all your vehicles from a single control panel. Install the software in your existing fleet management platform, and it will provide you with live updates about your vehicles. The software’s intuitive API design makes it integrate with any operating system very easily. 

The top priority of the GPS software is to protect your fleet. It does so with features such as Geo-Fence, and safe parking alarm. The geo-fence creates a virtual perimeter for each individual vehicle and monitors the vehicle’s movements within the boundaries. The safe parking alarm can be activated in case of unauthorised vehicle movement. This feature immobilises your vehicle if you find it moving without your permission.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Fleet with Analytics

The GPS software provides analytical data about the movements, behaviours, and performance of tracked vehicles. Use the data to streamline your operations, and cut-down unwanted expenditures. Up to 12 months of data is always available in the software, and it will generate detailed reports about the operations. The default graph on the software provides data about the last 14 days of operations. Check the graph for details such as distance travelled by each vehicles, fuel consumption, average speed of the vehicles, vehicle, and operator performance, and more. The structured data will help you improve your business, and stay one step ahead of your competitors all the time.

Enhance Client Satisfaction with Real-time Updates

Our software also provides you with minute-by-minute updates about your fleet. The location data is provided by default, but there are other alerts from the software that you will not find in any other. Updates such as engine ignition alerts, over-speed alerts, geo-fence alerts, all let you have complete control over your vehicles from your location. You will decide how far a vehicle must go, and how fast it must travel. This level of control helps you deliver products to your customers with utmost efficiency.

The best thing with FleetTrack GPS software is you can call the real-time data to third party apps using API integration. So, you can integrate the location details and live tracking of the vehicles inside your corporate app. By providing real time tracking, you enhance the customer experience and satisfaction leading to more orders in the future from the same customer.  

Install Fleettrack’s GPS Hardware for Better Vehicle Management

In case your vehicles are equipped with out-of-date GPS systems, you can upgrade by installing Fleettrack’s own GPS hardware systems. We can install your vehicles with AIS140 GPS Trackers, OBD GPS Trackers, Fuel Sensors, and Asset Sensors. The OBD GPS trackers combine GPS with on-board diagnostic systems. This allows you to assess the vehicle’s working condition remotely, from anywhere around the world. Manage the fleet and logistics from one dashboard with our potent and powerful GPS tracking software. 

Contact us for a live demo for the software and our executives will help you with your upgradation.

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