How Tours and Travel Operators Can Grow Their Business Using Whitelabel GPS Software?

How Tours and Travel Operators Can Grow Their Business Using Whitelabel GPS Software?

Tourism is an ever flourishing business. Interestingly global revenue of the tourism industry stood at around $8 Trillion USD in 2023. No matter which country, or culture people belong to, they will always have the desire to visit other places around the world. As such, tourism as an industry is constantly growing to new heights. 

The industry has proven to be profitable for many people too. From hotels, to tourist operators, to local businesses, everyone gets benefitted from it. Of them all, the tourist operators hold the most responsibility when it comes to protecting their customers. They have the important job of transporting people safely to various locations. If you are running a tours and travel operator business, then you can enhance your business revenue, cut costs and grow your business by installing GPS trackers in your fleet of vehicles. Read on to understand more about it. 

Install GPS Tracker & Prevent Theft

As a tour operator, you will be in-charge of a vast fleet of vehicles. You will be owning several buses, mini-buses, vans, private cars, luxury cars, and so much more. All these vehicles need to be maintained in perfect condition, all through the year. If any of your vehicles act up, it will cost you your valuable profits. Then there is the problem of safeguarding your vehicles against theft and damage. 

By installing the Fleettrack’s GPS trackers for cars and bikes you can safeguard your fleet from theft. Our trackers can be installed on all your vehicles and be used to keep track of them, from anywhere you are. The software module can be installed in your systems and it will monitor your vehicles for you, letting you relax and stay worry-free about them.

Save on Insurance Costs

Insurance for your commercial vehicles is a must and also a costly endeavour. You can’t run your tour business without insuring all your vehicles. An added advantage of installing GPS software and hardware is that many insurance companies charge lesser premiums for vehicles that have these systems in place. The logic is that these vehicles can be easily traced in case of theft, and any damage they face can be easily tracked. 

The systems will give complete incident reports, reducing the work for the insurance companies. So, the next time you renew the policies, indicate the GPS systems that are installed in your fleet. This will make your insurance coverage easier and premium lower.

Use Telematics to Ensure Optimum Utilisation

Our GPS software also monitors your vehicle’s performance during their operation. The On-Board Diagnostics feature included in the GPS tracker keeps track of your vehicle’s speed, fuel level, parking data, etc. All these data are transmitted to the software in your systems. You can check out the vehicle’s status remotely and instruct your drivers/conductors accordingly. With Fleettrack’s Whitelabel GPS software, you can set up custom alerts and warnings. The speed monitor alerts you in cases of rash driving, and the fuel indicator alerts the driver about the fuel levels, and gives you a detailed report about the mileage of the vehicles.

Plan Preventive Maintenance with GPS Software

With all this data by your side, you can have a complete idea about vehicle’s conditions. This helps you plan on vehicle servicing and maintenance beforehand. The GPS software also generates a 12-month report on vehicle operation. This report will clearly indicate the wear & tear of the vehicles, letting you know what part needs to be replaced, and what needs to be improved. You can easily shift to the preventive maintenance from the ordinary breakdown maintenance. 

Provide Better User Experience for Customers

As for the customer side, the GPS trackers come in handy to relay the location information to the tourists. With everyone having a smartphone these days, tourists can be given location alerts about their vehicles, and make sure they don’t get lost in the new locations. You can modernise your services with the GPS systems in place.

Transform Your Business with Whitelabel GPS Software

Fleettrack’s GPS systems come with a very low pricing. Here are some more advantages.

  • Your subscription starts only when the software receives the first data packet from the vehicle, not with your registration.
  • The software can be easily integrated with other applications and OS.
  • We offer pay-per-vehicle options, so you choose how many vehicles you want the system installed.
  • The User-Interface of the control panel is simple. You will be in control of the software within minutes of installation.

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