Don’t Buy a GPS Tracker without These Functionalities

Don’t Buy a GPS Tracker without These Functionalities

If you are planning to buy a GPS tracker for your car or bike, you should read this. There are many trackers in the market but not all are same. Before buying the perfect GPS tracker for you, check if it has all the features that you need for better tracking and monitoring of your vehicle. 

Accuracy of Location & Reliability 

A good GPS tracker should provide accurate location details. If the location information shared by the tracker is not accurate then there is no point in using the tracker. When the precision of the device is not high enough, you will not be able to find the exact location. This is necessary for everyone but is an imperative for those who are operating taxis and other commercial vehicles. 

Commercial vehicles need to share the right location to the clients and customers. A faulty GPS tracker could lead to unnecessary confusion among your customers. 

Another important feature that you need to have in your GPS tracker is that it should be reliable. For instance, if the device shows the accurate location at one time and not the other, it would lead to many calculation errors and ultimately be useless for you. So, check if the device is reliable every single time. 

Geo-Fencing & Geo-Fencing Alarms

A good GPS tracker should come with geo-fencing option. This constrains your vehicle from illegitimate usage by anyone who is driving the car or bike. If you own a car and you had employed a driver then you may like to ensure that the car is not misused by the drivers for their personal or other criminal activities. With geo-fencing you can ensure that the car is used within the regular range of locations. 

When the car is driven beyond the usual area of operation, you can set the GPS tracker to send you an alarm. This is an important functionality that you need in your GPS tracker.  

Remote Engine Kill for Better Safety

Imagine, the car is being taken without your permission or worse, it is being misused by someone for engaging in illegal activities. You can immediately raise a police complaint but other than that, you can also engage the remote engine kill switch. This is a functionality that switched off the car or bike engine when the vehicle is operated below 10 kmph speed. So, the vehicle will remain in the same place until the legal authorities reach the spot. 

This can also be helpful when your car is stolen. This feature engages as soon as the car runs below a set speed. In a crowded city, all cars need to stop at signals or speed breakers. Hence you can safeguard your cars and bikes using this feature.

External Power-free Operation

If the person who is stealing your car of bike, switches off the power or cuts the wire from battery, there is a high probability that your GPS device stops functioning. However, when you install a battery powered GPS tracker in your vehicle, you can rest assured that your vehicle is under constant monitoring. These devices can last for a period of more than 10 or 15 days. If the device is installed in hard to find location, then you can track your vehicle even when the person hides the vehicle in remote places. 

Data Storage, Analytics and Reporting

You need a reliable and easy to use app that can store the location data and other important data of your vehicle for a longer period. Otherwise, you will not be able to derive useful information from the data. At Fleettrack, we provide a reliable and easy to use mobile app that you can use to track the location of your vehicles.  

You can store location history for a period of up to 90 days and get the analytics of the vehicle for up to a year. So, you can use the data to optimise the operation of your vehicle.

Finally and most importantly, a good GPS tracker should also be affordable. If the tracker has all the features but if it is priced exorbitantly, then you will not be able to buy or use the tracker. At Fleettrack we have the best GPS trackers at affordable pricing. So, you can buy the trackers with confidence and use it for your vehicles.

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