A Brief History of GPS Trackers and How it is Used Today

A Brief History of GPS Trackers and How it is Used Today

Are you looking for GPS trackers for vehicles? Wait, before that do you know what GPS is and what is the history behind GPS? 

GPS or Global Positioning System is an everyday utility as of now but did you know that it use to be a top grade military technology? Yes, what is today being used for peaceful and day to day purposes has its origins in the military technology for attacking and sending out projectile weapons and missiles. Let us see how GPS transitioned from defence usage to civilian usage and to the widespread adoption of the technology and how it has changed the way we live our lives.

Beginning of the Global Positioning System

In the early 1960s, at the peak of cold war, United States of America and Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics were at each other’s throat and always wanted to get better than the other. In such a condition, USA wanted to expand the navigation and attack capability of its military and hence launched the NAVSTAR programme. This was the forerunner of the present day GPS system. 

By late 1970s, USA had already launched a set of 24 satellites that could help the country to monitor throughout the world at any point of time. Without the need for repositioning or latency. This was developed to guide the movement of the troops and defence vehicles. In addition to this, GPS also gave the ability to track enemy movement and their precise location.

Entry of GPS into the Civilian Life

Until 1983 GPS was strictly restricted only for defence purposes. However, in 1983 an avoidable but a huge flight accident shook USA. It was after this incident that it was proposed to provide the GPS technology for civilian aircrafts too. 

Soon GPS trackers were used for multiple purposes like tracking of vehicles, airplanes, and even wildlife. Radio-tags and GPS trackers were attached to endangered wildlife animals to track them and protect them from poaching. After this, GPS trackers were used in high-value vehicles to continuously track them and monitor their movement. This had opened a new avenue of usage for these trackers. 

Widespread Use of GPS by Common People

In spite of civilian usage, these devices were costly and GPS technology was still unattainable for ordinary people. This is when the mobile telephony has started to increase and newer and compact devices have started to emerge. With the launch of phones with GPS options, the penetration and reach of the technology was huge. Suddenly GPS technology became a common parlance and everything from mobile app to sensors and trackers started to use the GPS technology. 

It is to be noted that GPS is not the only global navigation system. GPS of Global Positioning System is the technological system of USA. Similar to this Russia owns GLONASS and the European Union operates a system named Galileo. Recently even China has developed its own navigation system named BeiDou. Similarly India boasts of a smaller and more regional navigation system, named NavIC that can monitor the geographical extent of India and its neighbourhood. 

Latest Uses of GPS in Our Everyday Life

Today GPS is being used for tracking cars and vehicles. At Fleettrack, we have some of the best GPS trackers in the country. We have battery powered trackers and also trackers that can be connected to the battery of your vehicle. Whichever way you choose to power the tracker, it will give you the best accuracy of location. 

If you run a transportation business, then installing the GPS tracker in your fleet of vehicles is important. There are many advantages of these trackers. 

Firstly, you can 

  • Monitor all the vehicles in real-time
  • Find the most frequently travelled route easily and position your vehicles there.
  • Protect your vehicles from misuse by drivers and others.
  • Safeguard the vehicles from theft and damage.
  • Manage the whole fleet of vehicles from one central point. 

Apart from using in vehicles, self-powered or battery powered GPS trackers are also used in to track animals and kids. These are more of a safety precaution than a tracking or spying devices. So, these quickly found widespread application and usage in the modern world. 

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