Why Wildlife Conservatories & National Parks Must Use GPS Trackers

Why Wildlife Conservatories & National Parks Must Use GPS Trackers

Wildlife conservatories, sanctuaries and national parks are important places that protect the wildlife and enable people to watch these animals in their natural habitat. While safaris are mostly famous in Africa, these safari trips in the Indian subcontinent is also an important tourist attraction. Apart from tourism, these establishments play an important role in research and conservation of wildlife. Majority of the people who enter these establishment opt for the safari jeep trips inside these centres. It is important to install GPS trackers for these vehicles. There are many advantages in this process as listed below.

Vehicles in Wildlife Conservatories & National Parks Need GPS

The safari vehicles travel in the most dangerous and improperly laid roads. As these vehicles traverse the bumpy and treacherous forest roads, they are more prone to breakdowns. More importantly, you need to constantly monitor the movement of these vehicles and immediately analyse if these require any help.

If there are landslides or other wild animal attacks, you need to quickly dispatch support staff. For all these reasons it is imperative that you install the latest GPS trackers for these vehicles. 

In Case of a Breakdown You Can Quickly Send Replacement

If by any reason, your safari vehicles breakdown on the way, you will have to find the exact location of the vehicle immediately. With GPS trackers by your side, this becomes an easy task. It is crucial to get the replacement vehicles in time to prevent the people from wildlife attacks and trauma. 

You can also quickly send repair vehicles to the destination with all the tools and support that is required to bring back the damaged vehicle. For heavy vehicles, getting a towing vehicle is necessary to come out of deep pitches and potholes. 

Safeguard the Life of Visitors with Ease

Not all people who come for these safari trips are of the same rigor and healthy. There could be any medical emergencies for any of the tourists. In such a scenario, you can’t bring the whole party back. You need to ensure that only the people who are unwell and who needs emergency medical attention are brought back. For this, you need to send a support vehicle / ambulance to the exact location. With continuous monitoring and tracking of the vehicles, this becomes easier than ever. 

Catalogue the Animal Spotting for Future

Another useful purpose of installing the GPS tracker for vehicles in a national park is that you can immediately mark and catalogue the locations in which a specific animal is spotted. With this option it is easier to note the specific animals and ensure they are well protected. For instance during summer months and when the vegetation is scarce, even carnivores stray out of the park in search of food. So, we can find if the animals are getting the necessary nutrition and protection inside the national park.

These animal spotted locations can also be marked so that you can bring the future tourists and visitors to the location which will have a higher probability of spotting these animals. Otherwise, you will have to install radio tags on the animals to track them in real time. 

Better Operations and Profitability for the National Park

Finally and most importantly, GPS trackers enable you to manage and operate the national parks in an efficient way. When you install the trackers in all the safari vehicles, you can track them in real time and know how many of the vehicles are employed. 

Additionally, you can get the White label GPS tracker software and customise it for your organisation. This way, you can manage all the vehicles from one point and even use the data to find out which vehicles have been used the most. You can improve the profitability by reducing the wasteful usage of vehicles. When you install and monitor all the vehicles, you can even negotiate for a lesser insurance.

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