Did you know You Can Get a GPS Tracker for Your Cycle too?

Did you know You Can Get a GPS Tracker for Your Cycle too?

Any fitness enthusiasts here? Cycling is a wonderful exercise that gives a full body workout and keeps you fit and healthy. It is a demanding yet extremely fulfilling workout. Cost of such cycles can range anywhere from ₹5000 to even ₹75,000/-. Protecting such a costly cycle in the crowded city is a huge task. If you park the cycle in a crowded place, there is a high chance that someone steal it. However, there is a simple hack that you can do to track and monitor your cycle on a 24/7 basis. You can buy a battery powered GPS tracker and install it in your cycle. 

GPS Tracker Comes with 10000 mAh Battery

Most people think that GPS trackers can only be fixed to bikes, cars and other self-powered vehicles. However, you can also install the same in a cycle. The only difference between the two kinds of vehicles is that you can buy an external powered GPS tracker for other vehicles but in case of a cycle, you can use only the battery powered GPS trackers. These trackers come with a 10000 mAh battery that can last more than 10 days at a stretch. These batteries are also rechargeable and hence you need not worry about the cost of replacement. You can easily charge the battery during the night time and start using the tracker again for a period of up to 2 weeks. 

Monitor the Location of Your Cycle in Real-Time

You can install this tracker inside the seat of your cycle. It is not easily visible and it will help you to track your cycle without drawing attention from others. As a result, even if someone steals your cycle you can still monitor it and find the exact location of your cycle. 

Cycle is an excellent transportation in heavily crowded cities. There are many cycles that can be bent and taken in a metro train or even inside a bus. Or if you are planning to leave the cycle in a public parking, you can leave it with confidence as you will be able to track the cycle using your mobile phone. Unauthorised movement of your cycle and moving it beyond a location can immediately raise an alarm and you can immediately contact the authorities of the parking to alert them of the potential theft. 

Ensure the Safety of Your Cycles with GPS Trackers

You can enable geo-fencing in your affordable GPS tracker and it will give you an alarm, SMS or call alert depending on your setting informing you of the movement of your cycle beyond the zone of function. This helps you to know of the potential theft. This can also be used for your kids’ cycles which alert you of their movement. If the kids are taking the cycle beyond their usual zone of operation, then you can immediately contact them and know of their whereabouts.

Fix GPS Trackers for Cycles Used by Elderly People

Fixing GPS tracker for cycles is mandatory when the elders take them out for a ride. Physical activity and exercise is important for the elders and at the same time you can’t leave them unattended. When their cycles have a GPS tracker you can track their motion in real time and immediately reach the spot if they need any assistance. Literally the options of using the trackers and the advantages of using the same are endless. You can also fix these battery powered GPS trackers on your pets and track their position in real time. This helps to find the pets that are unruly and run off easily.

Get a Complete Look into Your Cycling Sessions

Another important benefit of using the tracker in your cycles is that you can get a complete location history of your rides and hence know the actual distance of cycling and how long it took for you to travel the same. When you use the white label GPS software from Fleettrack, you can store the trip data for over a period of 90 days. Similarly, you can also get the analytics of your trips for up to a period of one year. With all these advantages, the cost of the device is miniscule. So, stop thinking over the decision and buy the GPS tracker for cycle today. 

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