All That You Need to Know About Geo Zones & Geofencing in 2024

All That You Need to Know About Geo Zones & Geofencing in 2024

Basically, Geo zones are virtual areas that are formed around a geographical location, to handle its data and traffic. These boundaries can be shaped around a house, between streets, and even around a municipal locality. These zones are formed using geofencing devices that keep track of an object connected to the device. It could be your car, your bike, or even your mobile phone. The geofencing device will monitor the object’s location while within the zone and alert you if and when the object leaves the virtual perimeter.

Set Geo Zones for Your Vehicle

There are a lot of geofencing equipment that are available in the market now, but the best one by far is Fleettrack’s Hidden GPS Tracker. It can be fitted to your Cars, Buses, Bikes, and also Trucks to monitor their movement round the clock. The tracker pack comes with a GPS unit with connecting wires, which can be attached to any vehicle, key or keyless, and a SIM card with 12 months Data. The Tracker has its own Android and iOS App which can be installed from the Play/App stores. Once you install the app, you can get into the settings and define the geo zones in the map section. Select the geographical locations where your vehicles need monitoring and you are all set.

Get Alerts When the Vehicle Crosses a Zone

The geofencing devices can be fitted to your vehicle and it can be customised to alert you when the vehicle enters and exits the defined region. You can define multiple regions as geo zones and the device will automatically identify the region. This comes in handy when you manage multiple vehicles, or fleets. There are multiple alert systems that come with the app. The Ignition On/Off alert sends you notifications when the vehicle’s engine is fired up or turned off. This helps during calculation of vehicle run time and fuel efficiency. Safe parking alarm that alerts the driver if the vehicle is improperly parked in a given space, over-speed alert that sends notifications to the app when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit, and more.


Geofencing safeguards Your Vehicle

Setting Geo Zones for your vehicle using geofencing equipment is the best safety precaution you can provide to your vehicle. The tracker sends live-location data to the app via the internet. This means you can relax knowing where your vehicle is at any given moment. It also prevents theft of the vehicle, and safeguards it by alerting you if the vehicle crosses the defined boundaries. The anti-theft alarm that comes in Fleettrack’s GPS tracker works even if the engine is turned off and the vehicle gets towed or pushed from a spot. 


Immobilise Your Vehicle If Moves Out of Range

As an additional safety feature, Fleettrack’s GPS tracker comes with a remote engine lock option that comes with a wired tracker. This feature is ideal for vehicles pertaining to BS4 norms and below and not advisable for BS6 vehicles. Use this feature to shut down your vehicle in case it gets stolen, or it is taken out of the geo zones without your permission. The trackers give you full control of your vehicles from anywhere in the world. Monitor your fleet on the go with the user friendly app installed on your phones. 

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