Why Schools Need to Invest in GPS Trackers for School Buses

Why Schools Need to Invest in GPS Trackers for School Buses

Running a school is not an easy task. There are countless challenges like maintaining the high quality of education, managing the finances, creating a world class brand and many more. Ensuring the safety and security of children during their daily journey shouldn’t keep you occupied throughout the day. That is why you, as the principal or the correspondent of a school, should invest in a good quality GPS vehicle tracking system for your fleet of vehicles.


GPS Trackers Provide Real-time Location of School Buses

Installing GPS vehicle trackers to the school bus has many advantages. First and foremost, you can track the daily journey of your buses. School buses need to travel the same route and maintain the same timing every day. Otherwise it could cause a lot of confusion and chaos among the children and their parents. However, if a driver takes a day off, it will be hard to maintain the same timing and route. With the remote-tracking option, you can ensure that the bus travels in the right path. Additionally, with a real time tracking, you will be able to guide even new drivers.


Manage the Operation of Your School Bus with Ease

When you buy the GPS tracker for school buses from Fleet Track, you can download up to 3 months of location history, and analytics of the bus. This way, you can know vital information like mileage of the bus, average daily usage and then correlate this data with other input costs to arrive at the useful information. You can also incentivise the drivers to minimise fuel usage and save your monthly diesel bills.You can get a number of important information including the average running time, duration of the trips, idling time, location of parking, and other critical factors which can be used to manage the school bus.


Track the Route & Avoid the Misuse of School Vehicles

When you manage a fleet of vehicles, there are chances that some of the drivers use the bus for their personal trips too. Some drivers could take the buses on an elongated route for their own work or convenience. It is not humanly possible to track the fuel consumption on a daily basis. When you have GPS trackers installed in your bus, you can ensure that the telemetry of the bus is available to you. Installation of a GPS tracker deters drivers from misusing the bus for personal errands.

Prohibit Your Bus to Go Out of Your Service Area

If it comes to your attention that drivers are occasionally misusing the bus, you can enable to geo-fencing option in your GPS tracker. Geo-fencing prevents your school buses from being taken out of their normal operation area. If your school students are located within a 10 km circle from your school, then you can lock the engine if the buses are taken to a distance of 12 km or more from your location. Installing geo-fencing option is completely safe and the bus doesn’t come to a grinding halt. It comes to a stop when the vehicles slows down lower than 10 km/hr speed or makes a full stop. This way, you can unauthorised use of your school bus.

Provide Real Time Access to Parents

The best part of installing such a modern, hi-tech device in your school buses is not just monitoring and tracking. You can also provide better information to the children and their parents. This way, the responsibility of the safety and security of your school children is shared among the school management, drivers, staff and the parents themselves. By developing an app or website to track your school buses, you can provide location information to the parents. Help them find the exact time to pick their children from the bus stops. This also reduces delays in pickup and drops of children.

There are undeniable advantages in installing such a tracker in your school fleet. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best GPS tracker price for your school buses at Fleet Track.

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