How Getting a Smart TAG Can Help You Become Organised?

How Getting a Smart TAG Can Help You Become Organised?

Modern life has provided us with many comforts. In fact, the comforts and convenience that we enjoy today has made us all the more complacent. Digital gadgets have increased exponentially in the past couple of decades that it has become simply too much for a normal human being to handle.
Today a normal household has a TV remote, a Set-top box remote, an OTT platform controller, AC remote, 2-3 mobile phones, and a bunch of other devices like smart watch, mobile phones, apart from the usual keys. With such an increasing number of things to take care of, it becomes almost impossible to track everything.

Smart TAG Provides Better Control over Your Things

Fleet Track Smart Bluetooth Tracker provides an ideal solution for your absent mindedness and organising worries. The tracker is a small device that can be easily attached with anything of your choice. You can fix it on the back of a remote or chain it together with your car keys or even place it on your toddler. The Fleettrack TAG comes with an in-built Bluetooth sensor that can be used to pair the tracker with a mobile app.
While the smart TAG can’t be used for things that are mobile and beyond a range of 50m, you can use it comfortably for anything within the range. Never misplace anything again.

Connect it With the Often Misplaced Things

Connect the TAG Bluetooth tracker with commonly misplaced things like bike and car keys. In most households finding the right remote controller for the right appliance is a huge challenge. So, you can attach a tracker on the back of your remote control.

Other usually misplaced items are things like your purse or wallet, your headsets, cameras and other products that you use on a daily basis. The easy and quick installation process of the TAG can be done without the need for any complex procedures. With an affordable pricing you can easily get one for all your devices.

Keep Track of All Your Things from One App

The Fleettrack App is your one stop dashboard to track all your devices and products. If you have “lost” any of the devices, you can easily find the same as the TAG tracker comes with an in-built speaker that can produce sounds up to 98 decibel. Similarly, the alarm sound increases in intensity and volume as you move closer to the tracker. So, you can easily find the direction in which your device is. This way, you can find even a small remote controller that is stashed away below a pillow. 

You can also turn on separation alert on the app that provides a warning to you, if the Bluetooth connection is severed. No more lost bike and car keys. Just enable the smart separation alert and you will be reminded that you are moving far from the keys.

Multi-Purpose Tracker for Your Convenience

The tracker can also be used as a remote controller for your mobile camera. You no longer have to carry long and ugly selfie sticks around. Instead place the camera on a tripod or on any flat surface. The smart tracker can connect with the Bluetooth of your phone and acts as a camera shutter release. So, take perfectly timed shots with the new smart TAG tracker. This versatile tracker is available at the best price on the Fleettrack website.


Smart TAG can also Be Fixed on Toddlers to Provide Accurate Tracking of Children

Another interesting use of the smart TAG is that these can be fixed on the toddlers to track their movement. If you are a new parent, it could be extremely hard for you to track your toddler. When they are less than 8 months old, they don’t move around a lot. Similarly, once they are more than two years old, you can easily call out to them. However, between the age of 8 months and 2 years old, they are mobile and explore the surroundings. Many such kids don’t develop speech until they are 2 years old. So, in order to track the movement of the kids in your home, you can use the same smart Bluetooth tracker to find their location. This comes handy even outside your home. If you are taking them to a play area, the need of such a Bluetooth tracker is felt all the more. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the Fleettrack TAG Smart Bluetooth Tracker today.


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