Get the GPS Software to Streamline the Logistics Operations of Your Company

Get the GPS Software to Streamline the Logistics Operations of Your Company

Are you a logistics company that is facing many challenges? Logistics is a highly competitive field and with the recent changes in the industry, the profit margins are becoming slimmer. What if there was an easy way to enhance the productivity and hence the profit margins of your company?

With the Fleet Track GPS tracking software, you can manage your fleet easily, optimise the operations and yield better profits. Even if you are not a logistics company, you can still minimise the cost and enhance the profits of your business by implementing the GPS tracking software.

Fix the Fuel Sensors and OBD GPS Trackers for Your vehicles

If you have more than 2 vehicles, then the cost of operation of your vehicles is a substantial percentage of your expenses. Minimising the unnecessary wastage and spillage in your transport and logistics provide better profit margins for your business.

Firstly, you can install the fuel sensors and OBD GPS sensors in your vehicles. These two are the primary sensors that will provide greater transparency in the operation of your logistics. In long distance and cross-country transportation, theft of fuel is a huge challenge. With continuous tracking of the fuel levels, you can prevent skimming of fuel and fuel theft from your vehicles. 

The On-Board Diagnostics and GPS tracker provide all the crucial information including engine condition, wear and tear of the vehicle, odometer readings, and other minor details that provide deep insights about the vehicle. GPS tracker provides the real-time location of your vehicles and this can be used to avoid delays and provide location updates to your clients and customers. However, all this data needs to be processed and you need a proper dashboard to view the information. This is where our white label GPS tracking software provides you with an edge.

Get the White Label GPS Tracking Software 

After installation of the sensors on your vehicles, you need a proper management solution to use the data from these sensors. At Fleet Track, we have the best GPS tracking software for individuals and businesses. With a completely customisable branding and user interface, we are the one window fleet management solution and point of control for your business. 

With a mobile friendly admin interface, you can manage the vehicles on the go. Whether you are travelling on a business trip or in the office, you can find out the important information about your logistics. 

You can try our feature-rich GPS tracking software before starting to pay the subscription. We provide you a trial period of 7 days for you to test the functionalities and suitability of the software for your business. If you want to build any third party apps that use this data, you can get API integrations too. 

Customise Alerts and Manage Your Vehicles Easily

With GPS trackers, you get a number of features that provide better control and command over your vehicles. You can create operation zones and demarcate them as primary, secondary zones and beyond. Using geofencing, you can prevent your vehicles from crossing these zones. You can also customise alerts if the vehicle crosses these zones.

Another key reason that increases the logistics cost is over speeding. Vehicles travelling at a higher speed consume more fuel and increase your expense. You can customise to receive alerts whenever a vehicle crosses a threshold speed.  This way, you can manage the vehicles in real time and enhance your profitability.

Optimise Operations Using the GPS Tracking Software

The GPS tracking software records the route in which your vehicles travel and also stores analytical information for up to a period of 12 months. You can use this crucial information to optimise the operation of your fleet. For instance, you can chart out better routes that minimise your cost of operation or find the optimum usage before which your vehicles need preventive maintenance and service. 

Get Better Profits with Efficient Management of Your Fleet

By using the Fleet Track GPS Tracking software, you can ensure efficient operation of your logistics. 

  • Minimise the wastage in fuel costs
  • Prevent fuel theft
  • Engage in preventive maintenance and avoid breakdown of vehicles
  • Ensure better mileage and low operation costs
  • Ensure quick and prompt delivery of goods
  • Increase the safety of vehicles by geofencing and customised alerts
  • Track live location of vehicles and provide timely updates to clients and customers.

In this age of information technology, it is important to adopt technological advancements to grow and scale your business. With our GPS tracking software, you can streamline the logistics and increase your business profits.

For large fleets insurance is a huge part of the operating cost. When you install GPS trackers and other sensors, you can get attractive discounts from insurance providers. 

Book a free consultation to know how our technological solution can increase the profitability of your business.

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