5 Things to Look for Before Buying a GPS Tracking Software for Your Car

5 Things to Look for Before Buying a GPS Tracking Software for Your Car

Automobile industry in India has changed a lot in the past decade. While traditionally India had been the market of cheap cars, the changing demographics of the country and the technological landscape around the world has made an everlasting impact on the domestic automobile sector. Today, SUVs are the most selling cars in India. The focus of an average Indian customer has changed from price and mileage to safety and usability of cars. 

Safety is a broad term and it includes more than just a few things like airbags and ABS brakes. With a GPS tracking software, you can find the real-time position of your cars, prevent it from being misused, find out more about the trips using route history, analytics, etc. At Fleet Track, we provide the best GPS tracking software for your use.

Real-time Tracking of Vehicles

When you install a GPS tracker for cars, you can find the real time position of the vehicle. There are two different types of GPS trackers for your cars. One with a battery that is self-powered and the other one that requires an external battery or power source. Most cars use the latter as we can conceal the GPS tracker within the dashboard of the car and keep it safe from tampering. It is also easier to provide the power supply for the tracker from the car battery itself. With our software, you can do more than just tracking the location. You can stop it from moving out of a location and get alerts when that happens too.

Geo-fencing, Customisable Alerts and Updates for the Vehicle

With geofencing, you can prevent your cars from being misused. You can curtail the operation of your car beyond a location and even kill the engine when it reaches a point. You can configure to receive alerts on your mobile phone when the car is taken outside the zone of operation. 

You can also create alerts when your vehicle goes beyond a speed. All these are important features that can be used to monitor and manage your vehicles remotely. With these automated alerts you can immediately contact the driver and make the necessary changes.

Route History and Analytics for the Vehicle

The GPS tracking software can record the routes of your car by continuously monitoring the travel. This route history is recorded and available for a period of 3 months. Using this data, you can analyse the use and misuse of the vehicles. Another interesting feature of the GPS software is that it can save the analytics of the cars for a period of 12 months.

Options to Integrate Other Devices and Sensors

What is the use of a software if it can only track the location of the car? That is why our white label GPS tracking software comes with many other integration options. With more than 500 possible integrations, the list of hardware and sensors that can be connected with the software is long. However,  some of the most commonly used hardware like fuel sensors, OBD GPS trackers, AIS140 GPS trackers, etc., you won’t need any other solution to effectively manage your fleet from one window. Our Fleet Track GPS tracking software is your ideal fleet management solution that is both scalable and functional.

With fuel sensors, you can find out the potential distance that your car can travel before next refuelling and prevent fuel theft. Similarly, with the On Board Diagnostics you can get a number of different readings such as odometer, parking sensor, trip meter, etc. The use of the GPS tracking software is limitless. 

Affordable Pricing of the GPS Software

No matter whether you live in a developed country or a developing one such as India, pricing of the product plays an important role in the mind of a customer. 

We believe that safety shouldn’t be the luxury of an elite few. Safety is fundamental for everyone. That is why we provide the GPS software at an affordable fee. Our price for the GPS tracking software is not only affordable but also attractive.

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