Improving Customer Experience in eCommerce Industry by Providing Delivery Updates with a GPS Software

Improving Customer Experience in eCommerce Industry by Providing Delivery Updates with a GPS Software

The eCommerce industry has revolutionised the way in which companies carry out business transactions. eCommerce has become the norm in many countries and as much as 20% of retail trade is happening over the internet. With more than 26.5 million eCommerce websites, the total revenue of these websites is around $6 trillion. 

While there are more than 26 million online stores in the world, the bulk of the business over the internet happens through Amazon. Amazon is not a unique store as almost 99% of things that are available on the website are also available on other platforms. The customer service of the eCommerce giant is impeccable and that is why many people trust the platform. This has enabled Amazon to capture a huge market share of 28% of ecommerce. 

What if there is a simple way to improve your customer experience and create better value to your customers? 

Corporations large and small across the world find it hard to differentiate their services and products apart from the competition. While products can be similar, the real differentiator that provides the clear market dominance to Amazon is the better customer support and satisfaction, the company delivers.

Enhance Customer Experience by Providing Real-time Shipping Updates

If you are a local business that sells groceries or other consumer goods, then the products are not well differentiated. You need to differentiate your services to give a better customer experience and thus improve the customer satisfaction. Providing real-time shipping updates is one of the key elements of customer experience. This is where GPS tracking software comes into play.

With the GPS tracker for vehicles, you can get the location of the vehicles in real-time. However, you can’t share the real-time locations of all your vehicles to your customers. This would create confusion and if you have multiple vehicles, then finding the update about all these vehicles is unnecessary for a customer. 

Providing such unnecessary information and updates again reduces the customer experience and hence satisfaction. So, you will have to provide the information that is required for the customer. This can be done using the GPS software.

Have you ever ordered from Zomato or Swiggy? Chances are that you might have and received the location updates about your order. This is done by sharing the location information of the delivery person to you. Similar to this, you can provide the location information of the vehicles, directly on your app using the API integration.

Cost of Providing Location Information to Your Customers

All these sound good on paper but what about the costs that are associated with this? You might wonder, if the benefits justify the cost? The advantage of using the White label GPS software from Fleet Track is that you need not pay a humongous fee for using the software.

You can test the software in the free trial period and then if you are satisfied, you can pay the subscription fee for the software. Interestingly, the pricing model of the software is dependent on the number of vehicles. So, you pay the fee according to the size of your fleet. 

Using API integration, you can pull the location information of the specific vehicles and show them to the customers using your app. Apart from the API integration that you can use to develop your own mobile application for your customers, you get a number of other features as follows. 

  • Safe parking alarm.
  • Geofencing.
  • 3 month travel routes.
  • 12 month statistics.
  • Custom alerts for over speeding or crossing a location.

There are many more important features that can be used for your internal fleet management. With an attractive pricing model and a clean, customisable user interface, what more do you need in your GPS software? 

Contact us now to know about how the GPS tracking software can be used to enhance your customer satisfaction. 

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