How Cities can Optimise Emergency Medical Infrastructure with a GPS Software

How Cities can Optimise Emergency Medical Infrastructure with a GPS Software

On an average there are more than 24,000 deaths in India that can be attributed to delay in administering emergency and critical care in time. A bulk of these loss of lives can be averted by providing first response within a short period of time. So, there is a huge need to optimise the location and operation of ambulances in India.

Responsive healthcare is a crucial service that can be the difference between life and death. In Indian cities, it is almost impossible to navigate the emergency vehicles such as ambulances and other critical healthcare provider vehicles during rush hours. It is important to have a better fleet management system for hospitals and district healthcare authorities. This way, ambulances can be positioned in strategic locations so that the fleet of ambulances can cover the whole city within the shortest period of time. This optimisation can be done using the GPS trackers for vehicles and a GPS tracking software.

Fix GPS Trackers to All Your Ambulances

Getting a GPS tracker for your vehicle is the first thing that you need to do. There are many GPS trackers in the market that can provide real time location of the vehicles. However, not all these trackers provide reliable and continuous data for your usage. Fleet Track has some of the best GPS trackers for vehicles in India. 

Installing a GPS tracker to an ambulance is a simple and straightforward process. It can be easily connected and placed in hidden locations such as behind the dashboard or near the tool kit. Most GPS trackers need an external power source and hence they are best placed inside the dashboard or glove compartment.

Find the Real-Time Location of Ambulances

After installing these trackers to ambulances you get access to critical location information of ambulances. For an efficient management of the city’s healthcare infrastructure, it is necessary to install the GPS tracker for all the ambulances in the city. When the emergency response system of the city has a separate GPS tracking software, the whole fleet of ambulances, fire engines and other crucial vehicles can be managed from a single place. 

Fleet Track has a good GPS tracking software that can collect crucial data from the ambulances and provides it in a readily readable and usable form. This data can then be processed by the hospital in-charge or city officials to monitor the live location of the ambulances. 

Divert Traffic According to the Movement of Ambulances 

When there is a collision, accident or other natural calamities in a location, it is necessary to clear the route from the location to the hospitals. With real-time tracking of ambulances, the city officials can coordinate with the traffic police to divert traffic in those roads and make the transport to and from the location quicker. 

 Such preparations have been used in the past to transport harvested organs in cities like Chennai and Trichy. Clearing traffic during such times of emergency can save a lot of lives on a daily basis. This is possible using the GPS tracking software.

Find Low-risk Areas and Accident Prone Zones with GPS Tracking Software

Another step that can help save many lives is optimising the location of ambulances. As of now, most hospitals station their ambulances within their campus. While this might seem like a good idea, the need for ambulances inside the hospital is minimal. Even in case a necessity rises, doctors can hail the ambulances well in advance. However, it is important to station the ambulances at crucial junctions and locations that are equidistant from the hospitals and high-risk locations. For instance, important road crossings and junctions with the national highway are accident prone zones where the necessity for quick response is high.

A city will have a few prominent government hospitals and a few other private hospitals. Instead of concentrating all ambulances in the same location, it is important to position these vehicles in such a way that it takes the least amount of time to cover the whole city.

District Officials can Coordinate with Various Hospitals & Departments

GPS tracking software can collect and maintain the GPS locations for up to a period of 3 months. This data can be analysed to find hotspots in the city that are accident prone zones. The same data can be used to find critical bottlenecks in the roads.  Similarly, the software can also store analytics for a 12 month period. This can be utilised to optimise the ambulances and driving routes. 

All cities have a central command and control centre for police personnel. The same centre can be used to coordinate this critical logistics. If there is an emergency need for an ambulance at a location, traffic throughout the way can either be stopped or controlled according to the need. With proper use of the GPS tracking software, the healthcare and safety infrastructure of a city can be enhanced and optimised.

Contact us to find out more about our GPS tracking software for your fleet of ambulances. We will show you how you can make roads safe for bystanders by using the GPS technology.

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