Improve the Profitability of Your App Development Business with this GPS Software

Improve the Profitability of Your App Development Business with this GPS Software

A mobile app is one of the easiest ways to reach potential customers. Businesses around the world choose to create specialised mobile apps for themselves as it is a viable and cost-effective solution to connect with the audience. If you are running an app development company then you have good news. You can white label and sell this GPS tracking software to your customers and earn money.

With a fully functional app that can be customised to meet your requirements, you need not spend countless hours developing a whole new app. The tracking software is fully tested and is being used by large corporations around the world. The software is compatible with a large number of GPS trackers around the world. Even if the support is not available at present, we will do everything to pair the tracker with the software. There are many reasons why you must adopt this software into your business portfolio. 

Filled with Features and Easy to Optimise 

The GPS tracking software comes with a number of features like a safe parking alarm that immediately warns the owner of disturbance to the parked car or vehicle, geofencing that keeps the area of operation of your vehicle within a small area. Similarly, the app can also be used to remotely kill the engine. Other interesting features include such as the ability to record the history of travel for a period of 3 months and also to provide analytics of the previous 12 month period. All these features make it an excellent software for businesses that are looking to optimise their logistics. 

Customise the App to Suit Your Branding

The best thing about our GPS tracking software is that you easily customise the software to suit your branding. So, even if you are looking to sell it to your customers as your software, we help you do that. Our whitelabeling option provides for quick and easy rebranding. Even if you are looking to further customise the app to your client’s branding, we can help you do the same.

Attractive and Affordable Pricing

Whether you are working with Indian clients or international clients, pricing plays an important role in the decision making of your clients. So, we provide an easy payment plan. When you white label our GPS tracking software, you can pay only for the number of vehicles you are tracking. This pay as you use plan is beneficial for you and your clients thereby making the transition much easier and without any friction. There are also free trials for you to use and test the app for your particular use case.

Complete Autonomy to Use the App

We provide a licence to use our app and you can transfer the licence for the software only when your clients pay to you. This way, you need not worry about delays in the payment from your clients. Since we provide the licence to you, you have complete autonomy to use the software and all subsequent updates. All that you need to do is buy a GPS tracker for vehicles and install it in the vehicle. Then pair the tracker and tracking software to get seamless information such as the location coordinates of the vehicle, telematics like the speed, engine diagnostics, location history, and other crucial data that you need to track the vehicles.

Build Others Solutions Using the API Integration

If your clients require any customised solutions then you can develop your app and use the tracking module alone from this GPS tracking software. You can easily receive this data from the software using API integration. As a result, you will minimise your development time by a huge margin. When you use the GPS tracking software from Fleet Track, you can be assured that you are partnering with one of the world’s leading automobile trackers in the world. 

With the GPS tracking software, you can provide customised solutions to your clients in the automobile industry, healthcare, food and hospitality industry, and many other sectors. A GPS tracker can be easily fit in your existing vehicles with a small and stable power source. 

So, what more are you looking for? Enhance the profitability of your app development business today. Partner with Fleet Track and provide better fleet management and GPS tracking solutions for your clients.

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