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Protect Your Costly Cars and Bikes with GPS Trackers ?

Owning a luxury car is everyone’s dream. Whether it is the Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz or the famed Audi, your car gives you a premium and luxury experience. The question is, are you doing enough to keep these cars safe? If you are someone who has recently bought a luxury car or a new car then you should read on to understand how you can protect your cars and bikes from misuse. Installing a GPS Vehicle Tracking system can save you from a lot of headaches.

 Track the Real Time Location of Your Cars and Bikes

Firstly, installing a tracker for the car helps you to find out the real time position of your car. This way, you can always keep a tab on the location of your car. In case you have a chauffeur to drive you around the city, it is important to install the GPS tracker for the car. When you constantly monitor the position of your car, it will deter the chauffeur from taking the car for a spin for his own usage.

Experience Enhanced Safety and Security of Your Cars

Did you know that approximately 1 lakh cars are stolen every year in India?

With continuous monitoring of the live location of your car, you can ensure the safety of your car. If someone steals your cars and bikes, it is easier to retrieve them with a GPS tracker. You can find the present location of your vehicle using the tracker and retrieve it from the car thief. The tracker for cars also helps the government and police authorities to track and retrieve the same.  

Find Better Route between Places with a GPS Tracker for Your Vehicles

Imagine being lost on a lonely road or worse on an off-road trip. While it is easy to find the location of your car using your mobile phone, you might not get mobile signals on your off-road trips. A GPS device comes handy during such scenarios. With a tracking device, you can easily find the exact location of your car using the GPS. You can also find the nearest town and a proper road using these sensors. This small device can go a long way in optimising your routes and also in finding the next stop in your journey.

Curtail Movement beyond a Range Using Geo-fencing

Another interesting advantage of installing a GPS tracker for cars is that you can curtail the movement of your vehicle beyond a distance. This feature is particularly helpful for fleet management companies and transport companies. However, it can be used by anyone to curtail the movement of the vehicle. For instance, if you are a parent and want to ensure the safety of your children, you can use geo-fencing to keep the cars and bikes only within a specific distance from your home. This way, you children will not misuse the vehicle.

 Record and Monitor the Movement of Your Cars and Bikes.

GPS vehicle trackers allow you to record and monitor the movement of your cars. This data can be used by insurance companies to provide a better coverage and price for car insurances. This can also be used by you to rationalise the trips that you take. You can minimise the wastage of fuel by optimising the trips and routes of your journey.

 Better Management of Your Favourite Cars and Bikes

If you are a corporate user, you can manage your cars and bikes using the GPS tracker. Another important benefit of installing such a system in your car is that it acts as a deterrent and saves your vehicles from misuse. When these trackers are coupled with other sensors on the car, it gives you the live statistics and information about the car. So you can find out if it is time for a routine service or if you need to replace any old parts with ease.

 The advantages of installing a GPS tracker for your vehicles grossly outweighs the cost of these trackers. Fleet Track has one of the best GPS trackers for bikes and cars. So, if you are looking to buy one, check out the latest models of these trackers.

 Types of GPS Sensors for Your Cars and Bikes 

When you decide to buy a GPS tracker for your car or bike, then the question is which one to buy. There are wired trackers, wireless and plug and play GPS trackers providing different use cases.

Wired trackers can be used for a number of vehicles and it is easy to maintain the same. They draw power from the vehicle itself and don't require any special charging. However, these trackers are difficult to connect to your vehicle. You might need a mechanic to fix this.

Wireless GPS trackers are easy to use. These are simple models that can be charged externally and used. It is easy to hide these GPS systems at any place. You can hide these trackers inside any compartment of your car or bike. However, you need frequent maintenance and charging of these devices to ensure a smooth and worry-free operation.

 Choose the right GPS tracker for your use case and safeguard your cars and other vehicles. If you have any doubts related to GPS trackers or if you need any further assistance for installation, you can always contact the customer support of Fleet Track. We have the best line-up of GPS trackers in India. So, what are you waiting for?

 Get a tracker for your bikes and enjoy complete freedom.

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