5 Important Things to Check before Going on a Bike Trip

5 Important Things to Check before Going on a Bike Trip

If you are planning to go on a bike trip, then you should definitely check the following things before you start the trip. These 5 things can ensure your safety during your trip and help you have a memorable journey. Whether you are planning to take a cross-country trip or a day trip, wearing safety equipment like helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow guards, torso pads, etc. is necessary. These are non-negotiable things. These not only safeguard you against accidents but also makes the road safer for all. Ensure you follow all the five things before starting your bike ride.

Plan and Chart out the Complete Route Map 

Planning your trip might sound like a no-brainer. However, not everybody plans the trip completely.Many start their rides without even planning their pit stops, eating stops. When you are on the road, it is important to maintain a high energy level. Even a slight drop in your concentration can lead to an accident and could prove fatal. So, plan the whole trip including the rests and lay overs.With the presence of modern technologies like Google Maps, GPS Vehicle Trackers and other navigation assistance, it is easier to plan your trip accurate even to the last bit of detail.

Get a Bike Mobile Holder for Easy Navigation

After planning the trip, you need proper assistance in the navigation. A mobile phone with Google maps can help you with the same. However, you can’t carry the mobile phone in your hand while riding. That is why, it is important to buy the Best Bike Mobile Holder and install it. This simple device can safeguard your mobile phone and at the same time save your time, effort and life. Just ensure that you have fastened the phone safely to the holder. There are many holders that comes with an in-built charging facility. These charger / holders can be easily connected to the bike battery to help you charge your mobile phones on the go.

Carry a Smart Tyre Inflator for Bike with You

Indian roads are not the best roads in the world. At the same time, it shouldn’t stop you from travelling. That is why, it is advisable to carry a Smart Tyre Inflator for Bike with you. This way, whenever the tyre pressure reduces, you can immediately inflate them. Improper tyre pressure reduces your mileage, gives a bumpy ride and more importantly leads to accidents and other safety concerns. Whenever you are inflating the tyres, ensure that you set it at the company indicated pressure. Many fuel stations and even experienced riders, set a high pressure of 40 psi on their bike tyres. Each bike and each tyre is unique. Find the right pressure from the bike manual and maintain it.

Fix a Wireless GPS Tracker for Bike 

When we say that Indian roads are not the safest, it is not only restricted to the bumpy nature of the road. Many highways are still notorious for robberies. While the security system is slowly getting better with each passing day, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. You need to ensure your safety. Always find out and know the emergency contact numbers such as the ambulance, police in the road that you are travelling. While 100 is the universal emergency contact number for reaching out to police, there are specific numbers for high way assistance and patrols cars. Check that and note them down.
Additionally, install at least a GPS Tracker for Bike low price variants. These can help you find the bikes even if they are stolen from you. While you shouldn’t attempt to retrieve the bikes without the help of the local police authorities and security personnel, keeping the GPS data ON, will help the police to find and safeguard the bike quicker.

Always Travel with a Companion for Enhanced Experience

While bike ride is all about the freedom and joy of riding, it is advisable to travel with a good companion. No matter whom you ride with, it is better to travel with a companion. Often times, you will need someone to speak with. Similarly, you can also rest while the other person is riding the bike. Further it gives you a sense of safety and security when you ride along with another person.Travelling with your partner makes it easy for you to build a long term happy relationship. More often than not, it becomes easier to ride as a team than to ride alone. Even when you stop for rest or having food, you will have a better experience if you travel with a friend or family.

So, what is stopping you from going on that next bike ride? Start today but make sure that you have checked off all the 5 things in the list before doing so.

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