How to Safeguard Your Car from Misuse by Friends & Family

How to Safeguard Your Car from Misuse by Friends & Family

Everyone can protect their car from theft and misuse by strangers. However, what will you do if your friends and family ask for your car and then misuse the same Your distant relative or your office colleague might ask for your car citing an urgent situation. At the same time, most people don’t take care of the cars as they have to.Well, that is not an easy to handle situation. We have the ideal solution for you. Read on and find out how to protect yourself from unnecessary headaches.

Don't Give Your Car to Everyone

Firstly, it is important to keep your car safe. Don’t allow others to drive the car. You can be open about your intention and say that you’re sorry. While this can work for a colleague or a distant friend, your close relatives and friends will not be deterred by his. In such a case, you have no other option but to give them. However, you can install a GPS Vehicle Tracking system and keep track of the car at all times.This will give you some sense of comfort.

Clearly Set the Ground Rules

Secondly, when you are giving the keys to your car, make sure that you clearly set the ground rules of driving your car. You can give them proper directions including what sort of fuel and from which fuel stations to fill for the car. Similarly, you can alsoeducate them about the unique factors of your car. Each car is unique. The condition and driving comfort of each car varies as per the driver. So, ensure that all suchimportant information is shared to the people.

Fix a GPS Tracker for Car

Fixing a car tracker is important even if you are the only person who is going to drive the car. Fixing a GPS Car tracker will go a long way in ensuring the safety of yourcar. Market is flooded with cheap and low quality options but you should not waste your money on low quality products and put your car at risk. These trackers come with in-built SIM cards that make it easy to track the vehicle. Further these tracker systems can be safely placed inside the car such that it is not visible to others.

Enable Geo-fencing for Your Car

Once you have fitted a GPS vehicle tracker in your car, you can easily enable geo-fencing. As a result whenever your car goes out of the area that you have marked for its natural and normal operation, you will get an alert. This is an easy to enableoption in many trackers. Popular GPS trackers can be installed to constrain your cars to operate within a normal cycle.

Enable Remote Engine Lock for Your Car

After enabling geo-fencing, you can also enable remote engine lock for your car. This is a function that can be provided by a GPS Tracker for Car. However, this option is not generally recommended for the latest BSVI cars which have a different setup. Tampering with the internal wiring and circuit of the latest cars could impactthe engine. If you are using the old BS IV or previous models, then you can safely enable remote engine lock and stop your car from remote. This way you can maintain the safety of your car and prevent it from being misused.

If you are looking for the GPS tracker price for car in India, it starts from a meagre amount of ₹1,800/- These trackers come with all the functionalities but the SIM card will be active only for a month. If you are planning to use the tracker for a longer period of time, then you should simply buy the tracker that costs 2789/-. The SIM card attached in this bundle will last for 1 whole year. So, what are you waiting for?

Buy the best GPS trackers for cars and safeguard your vehicle from known and unknown risks.

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