Read This before Parcelling Your Bike through Train

Read This before Parcelling Your Bike through Train

If you are a bike owner, you would want to go everywhere in your bike but it is also not possible for you to go everywhere with your bike. For instance if you are planning to ride to Ladakh from the southern end of the country, it could be a tedious journey. It could become a long and arduous journey that puts you under many dangers. Instead you can parcel your bike through train to Jammu and then bike from there. This way, you can enjoy the biking experience without additional stress. However, you might have to follow these instructions before parcelling your bike through train.

Empty Out the Fuel Before Packing Your Bike

The #1 mistake most bike owners do while sending their bikes in train is not emptying the fuel tank. As per the rules of the Indian Railways, no flammable materials can be sent through parcels. So, your bikes shouldn’t have even residual fuel left in it. Completely empty the tank and close the lid tightly. 

In case, if you don’t drain it completely, it could lead to fuel leakage in the compartment which could lead to dangerous consequences not only to your bike but also for the whole compartment. So, don’t try to be cheeky. Be responsible and safe. Empty the fuel of your bike while shipping it out.

Install a GPS Tracker Before Packing it 

When you are sending the bike on a train, it could take a longer time than the normal. Also, there are chances that they move your vehicle around when loading other vehicles and parcels. If by any chance, your bike gets left behind in a different station, then you can’t go and search in all the stations. This is why you need to install a GPS Tracker for bike. There are two kinds of trackers that you can install. One with a self-powered battery and another that uses the battery of your bike. It is recommended that you use the GPS tracker with battery. These trackers can function for more than 15 days on its own power. This way, you need not worry about the bike battery running out. 

Pack Your Bike with Ample Support

Another key point to remember while sending your bike is to pack it with adequate support materials. Everything from wheels to handle bars to seats to fuel tanks need to be properly covered and packed. If you find the task a challenging one, don’t worry. There are professional services who pack your bikes safely for the transport. You can avail these services and have a worry-free travel. The vehicles needs to be properly packed with cushioning material and extra care has to be taken to pack the fuel tank. Most bikes that are sent through trains get damaged around the fuel tank. So, ensure that your bike is fitted with ample supporting materials and that everything is fastened securely. 

Track the Bike in Real-Time and Engage Geo-fencing Alarms

The main advantage of using the GPS tracker is that you can monitor the real-time location of your bike. Whether you are travelling by the same train or by flight, you can track the present position of your bike. This gives you the peace of mind and comfort in knowing that your bike is being transported the right way. 

Another advantage of using the GPS tracker is that you can enable geo-fencing alarms. When you send the parcel, you will know the route of the train. So, you can enable geo-fencing alarms through the app. As a result if your bike seems to go in a route that is outside the chosen route, then you will immediately get an alert in your mobile app. When your parcel is sent through multiple trains, such mistakes can happen and it could lead to subsequent loss of your bike. With the alarms, you can find it immediately and do the needful.

Ensure Safety of Your Bike and Get the Bike in the Best Condition

With Fleettrack GPS trackers for bikes by your side, you can safely send your bikes in the train and take them at the right location. You can choose an external battery tracker if you are sure about the battery of your bike. This can help you save some money. However, safety of your bike is paramount. After all what good is a few hundred rupees if it can save your costly bike?

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