How to Safeguard Your Expensive (or not so expensive)  Bikes?

How to Safeguard Your Expensive (or not so expensive) Bikes?

Bikes are excellent vehicles when it comes to personal transportation. Whether you are an office goer or a person who needs to commute in the city, a bike is the perfect companion to your daily life. Even if you live in the rural areas, bikes can be a multi-purpose vehicle. So, if you are buying an expensive or an inexpensive bike for your daily commute, then you need to safeguard it. There are many important things that you need to do to ensure the safety of your bike but getting a GPS tracker for bike is one of the easiest and most important things.

Follow the Instructions of the Company

First and foremost, the easiest way to ensure proper condition of your bike is to follow the instructions from the bike company. When you buy a new bike, you should not overspeed the engine. This is critical and speeding over the recommended limit will lead to irreversible damage to your engine. Another common practice among people who ride bikes is to fill the air to a higher pressure than the recommended one. For instance, most bike riders will fill air to a pressure of 30 PSI on the front and 40 PSI. This is dangerous and can cause many potential problems. For instance, a higher tire pressure will lead to improper braking, lower mileage. This can even lead to fatal accidents.

Do Scheduled Maintenance & Services

Another important instruction from the bike companies is to stick to the maintenance schedule and change the crucial component periodically. However, in our Indian scenario, most people only do breakdown maintenance. All these should be avoided for maintaining your bike at the peak condition. Similarly, if you are looking to find out the right time to do such preventive maintenance tasks, you can install an OBD GPS for bike. This will provide you with the data that will help you to decide the right time to carry out these maintenance activities.

Install a GPS Tracker and Safeguard Your Bike

By installing the bike tracker GPS device for 2 wheeler, you not only ensure the safety of your bike but also enhance the life of your bike, reduce the insurance costs and many other advantages. If you own a costly bike in a city, you will already know the potential dangers for your bike. Bike theft is a common incident in large cities. So, installing this tiny device inside your bike will prevent the theft attempts by others. Even when someone moves your bike, you will immediately a get a warning on your mobile app. So, you can immediately cater to your bike and ensure that it is not stolen.

Feature like parking alarm, engine start alarm makes sure that your bike stays in the same place as where you have kept it.

Geo-fencing & Find the Stolen Bikes in a Matter of Minutes

Another easy way in which you can ensure the safety of your bike is to engage geo-fencing in your bike. This way, even if you lend your bike, you can ensure that it stays within the permissible limit. Once it crosses the limit you can either set it up for an alarm or even switch on the remote engine kill. The bike GPS tracker mobile app that comes with Fleettrack devices is equipped with many such features. If you are looking to buy a solution for your bike then check out the store page.

Don't Over-do with the Accessories

While modern gadgets and accessories provide many safety features to your bike, it is important to not overload the electrical systems of your bike. Many young riders load the system with unnecessary lights and horns. Some even fix speakers to their bikes and play loud songs during travel. All such practices should be avoided. Only the KTM accessories that are required should be used for your bike. If you are planning to fix many accessories don’t do that. Instead get a reliable bike GPS tracker that will provide you with complete safety solutions for your bike. This will also help you to monitor and track your vehicle over a period of time.

With the white label GPS software, you can record the daily route of your bikes and even chart out the route up to a period of 90 days. Additionally, you can even chart out the routes and analytics of your bike for a period of one year. So, what more do you need?


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