How Vehicle Rental Businesses Benefit from GPS Trackers

How Vehicle Rental Businesses Benefit from GPS Trackers

Are you running a vehicle rental business? Tourist destinations require many rental vehicles as during peak holiday season. At the same time, during off-season, your vehicles will be waiting for takers. It is hard to predict and fulfil this gap to increase the revenue of your company. However, you can ensure the safety of your vehicles, keep them in peak condition and ensure longevity of your vehicles. All these are possible by installing a mini GPS tracker for your rental bikes and cars.

Tourist Destinations Have a High Demand of Vehicles

When the demand is high, you will not be able to check all the vehicles. So, if you provide the rental to someone who is not in the right intentions, then they could even steal your bikes and cars with fake papers. So, it is always important to install a tracker device in your rental vehicles. This way, you can monitor the live location of your vehicle throughout the day. Similarly, you install bike GPS tracking device to two wheelers that provide many safety features.

Fixing GPS Trackers Help You to Monitor Your Vehicles

With the GPS for bike installed in your two wheelers, you can find the location of these bikes in real time. You can enable the geofencing option for the bike and ensure that it is ridden only inside the city. For instance, the 100cc and 125cc vehicles are not suited for inter-city travels as it could heat the engine beyond a safe point. If you enable the geofencing option, you will immediately get an alert if they are crossing a fixed zone. Alternatively you can also enable remote engine kill and stop the vehicle when it goes beyond a point.

These facilities provide you with better reliability of vehicles and you can receive them back in the same condition as you have lent it to your customers.

Install OBD Plug & Play GPS Trackers for Your Cars

Apart from monitoring the vehicle location, you can also get on-board diagnostics of the vehicle such as the speed at which the driver is driving, the direction and how safely they are driving, driving behaviour such as over speeding, rash driving, improper and continuous braking, etc. With the GPS tracker for car you can get these information on the dashboard in real time. So, you can immediately contact the driver and demand that they drive the vehicle safely.

Ensure Safety & Long-life of the Vehicles

When you install bike GPS for two wheelers and GPS devices for your cars, you can get access to the mobile app with which you can see the location in real time. However, when you have a fleet of vehicles, you can use the white label GPS software that provide more features such as analytics and data retention. You can track all the vehicles from one dashboard. Similarly, get the analytics for each vehicle and know how much each vehicle have been used. You can cycle between the vehicles and ensure that all the vehicles are maintained in the top condition.

In spite of a large number of features, you need not pay an initial hefty amount for the software. You can pay as you use. If your fleet consists of only a few vehicles then you can pay for those alone.

Provide a Fulfilling Customer Experience

Most rental businesses at tourist destination treat their customers poorly as these are not continuous and long term customers. These people visit the place once in a year or even only once in their life. However, today, a single social media post or a google review can either make or break your business. More importantly, as an ethical business you need to provide an overall good experience for your customer. So, it is important that you provide a fulfilling customer experience for your customers. With car GPS tracking device you can immediately provide on-road assistance to your customers. Generally when tourists come to your city, they will not know the in and out of the city. So, if there are any issues in the car or bike when they are out of the city area, then they might need local support to reach the city safely. These little things go a long way in maintaining your brand and in increasing your profitability. There are many other ways in which the GPS device can enhance your business.

Speak with us to know more about bulk purchase and how it can help your business.

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