How Mining Companies can Benefit by Installing GPS Trackers

How Mining Companies can Benefit by Installing GPS Trackers

Mining alone constitutes about 10% of the total GDP of India. That is more than 370 Billion USD. Running a mining company in such a competitive field is a costly affair. People seldom realise the value of investments that go into running such companies. Of the many operations that take place in the companies, logistics, and fleet management is the most arduous tasks of them all. Vehicles such as bull dozers, excavators, dump trucks, graders, loaders, haul dumpers, all need to be maintained in good condition to ensure smooth business operations. If you own such company, or you are part of one where you need to manage the vehicles, then this news about GPS Trackers is for you.

GPS Trackers are Affordable Solutions to Costly Problems

You might have heard of GPS based solutions for vehicle management. They are very resourceful in civic businesses like cabs, and tours/travellers. But, you will be surprised to know that these trackers can come in very handy for mining vehicles too. These devices can provide an exact location of the vehicles all throughout the day. You will know the exact timings when the vehicle started moving from a spot, and when it arrives at a destination. Also, the trackers are very small in size and can be fitted seamlessly in all your vehicles. You can also add an Asset tracker with your precious cargo to ensure safe transport and timely delivery of the goods.

Stop Mineral Theft in Your Mining Company

The most prominent use of GPS Trackers for Trucks in mining industry is to prevent mismanagement of the vehicles. You might know already that many mines face the problem of theft of resources such as minerals, sand, etc. Mafias target hauling vehicles and divert them from their intended routes to steal of precious cargo. In India, many mining companies in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh face this problem regularly. The vehicle operators are in a constant fear of being threatened by the mafias who seek to profit from such looting. Fleettrack’s GPS trackers can put an end to this menace by keeping track of the trucks and other vehicles.

Actively Track and Deactivate Vehicles Out of Service Area

In case you have faced this problem of thefts and mafia threats, you need to install the GPS Trackers For Cars / Trucks in all your vehicles. You can set up a geo-fence for each of the trackers, and make sure the vehicles stay within your intended locations. Geo-fence is a virtual fence you can draw on a map where you are located. This fence can be designed using a GPS software installed in your systems. Once you set up the fence, the software will make sure your trucks and haulers keep within the designated premises. If in case the vehicles are taken out of the geo-fence zone, the software will immediately alert you about its current position and suggest other remedial measures too.

Use GPS Tracking Software to Monitor all Vehicles

Aside from position monitoring, the GPS systems can help you monitor other data as well. You can use it to monitor the fuel levels in the vehicles, and alert the drivers/operators about the same. The OBD-GPS (On-Board Diagnostics GPS) system combines the GPS system with on-board diagnostic capabilities. This will help you monitor haul load data, vehicle conditions such as tyre pressures, condition of hydraulic systems, electrical systems monitoring, etc. Fleettrack’s White label GPS Tracking software can do so much more. It provides you a detailed report about the vehicle’s condition for up to twelve months, store historical location data for up to three months, and custom alerts about your vehicle’s whereabouts.

Negotiate Better Insurance Costs for Your Fleet

When you run such a voluminous fleet of vehicles, you can easily negotiate a better deal for the insurance of your vehicles. Insurance companies provide attractive offers in the premiums when you share your GPS data with the company. Similarly vehicles installed with GPS trackers are more secure and can be easily traced back even in case of a theft. 

So, the risks associated with these vehicles are lower and you will get the best deals in insurance premiums. Further, when you provide telematics data of your vehicles, insurance companies can detect and identify more information about the driving pattern and provide a customised deal for your vehicle. By constantly monitoring on-board diagnostics you can make sure your company operates at peak efficiency. You will know how much to spend on insurance, and also the exact condition of your vehicles whenever they are serviced. In short, installing the GPS trackers for vehicles will become the best decision for your company’s future.

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