Streamline Centralised Kitchen Operations with GPS Tracker Installed Vehicles

Streamline Centralised Kitchen Operations with GPS Tracker Installed Vehicles

Managing a restaurant chain is a tedious task indeed. You need to maintain your standards, and ensure timely food preparation and delivery through all your channels. The centralised kitchens concept originated to solve this crucial issue faced by restaurant chains. With a centralised kitchen, you can prepare foods from a single spot and have them delivered to all your stores for further processing. But, with growing demand and rising traffic levels in cities, it is becoming very difficult for restaurant chain owners to keep up with food delivery. Fleettrack’s GPS tracker systems can help you solve this problem.

Reduce Supply Chain Costs with Optimised Routes

Every day, you need to transport tonnes and tonnes of fresh foods, dairy products, fresh and prepared seafoods, meats, vegetables, fruits, to all your hotels across the city. This require an efficient transport system between your restaurants and the central kitchen. You might even own a fleet of vehicles that does the job. But, no matter how much you invest in these vehicles, there will always be problems in terms of their operations. 

Deliveries get delayed, vehicles get stuck through traffic, and sometimes new drivers tend to lose track of their routes. All this adds up to your supply chain costs. You can avoid these problems by installing Fleettrack’s GPS trackers in your vehicles and constantly monitor them from wherever you are. You can optimise the travel routes with a click of a button on your smartphone, and ensure timely delivery of food to all locations.

Ensure Timely Delivery of Prepared Dishes to all Branches

Some businesses like bakeries use centralised kitchens to deliver fully prepared foods to their branches. If you are running such a business, the GPS trackers for car/trucks will come in handy. The trackers can be easily fitted to your minivans, and trucks. They come with a SIM card slot, for enabling a network connection. This SIM card will constantly transmit the vehicle’s location information via the internet. You can receive the information through Fleettrack’s Whitelabel GPS Software installed in your computer. This software will converge the location info with the inbuilt map and relay the vehicle’s information to you. With this information in your hands, you can make sure all your vehicles reach their destinations on time, and your business runs smoothly.

Don't Take Chances with Food Delivery 

Food is a perishable item and if the delivery time gets delayed, food will start to go earlier than the usual time. So, there are multiple risks associated with late food delivery. Firstly, you will not be able to serve the customers who come early. Secondly, your food might go stale sooner and hence your customers will have a bad taste, literally. Thirdly, the image of your restaurant gets tarnished by serving stale food. It could even lead to cancellation of FSSAI licence. Finally and most importantly, you will lose a lot of revenue as your food gets wasted. 

Sometimes, there are situations when the vehicle’s performance affects the delivery process. The vehicles could break down suddenly, or your drivers could even go off track. The GPS tracking system helps you with this issue too. Fleettrack’s GPS with On-Board Diagnostics software can be installed in your vehicles and it will gauge your vehicle’s performance round the clock. It will keep track of fuel levels, vehicle conditions such as, tyre pressure, engine condition, etc. If your vehicle needs any repair, it will immediately alert you and your driver regarding the same. So, from shifting to a preventive maintenance system instead of breakdown maintenance, you can minimise the cost of replacement and get your vehicle to function in a smooth way. 

On one hand, you minimise the cost of operation of your fleet and at the other you ensure the delivery to multiple hotels take place at the right time. Scale and grow your business to new heights by integrating FleetTrack GPS tracking system in the operations.

Use GPS Software to Manage Your Fleet & Delivery Personnel

Fleettrack’s GPS tracker can do so much more. It gives you a route history every three months, for all your vehicles. This helps you calculate more efficient routes for optimal delivery. The GPS software comes with a simple user interface and offers you an amazing user experience. You can easily integrate it with your existing fleet management software and setting it up takes less than an hour. You can also set up a geo-fence for your trucks so that they stay within the required city limits. The GPS will alert you whenever the vehicle leaves the boundaries. This prevents mismanagement of your resources, and ensures the safety of your vehicles and delivery personnel. Install GPS systems in your vehicles and rest assured that your business is operating smoothly. 

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