How GPS Trackers Help Efficient Movement of Troops Within the Country

How GPS Trackers Help Efficient Movement of Troops Within the Country

Movement of troops within states is a routine operation done by the military, and armed forces. States have a hard time scheduling these movements and sometimes these very operations end up with dire consequences. The Pulwama attack that shook the country a few years ago is an example for this. What the agencies need is a good way to keep track of their troops and their vehicles. Fleettrack’s GPS Trackers can come in handy while operating a large number of vehicles on a continuous basis. Aside from providing accurate location data, these trackers come with many unique features that help in movement of troops.

Ensure Safety of Troops with Real-time Tracking

The GPS hardware can be fitted into every single vehicle that’s operated by the defence agencies. These devices are compact, light-weight, and can be retro-fitted on the vehicles within minutes. They are enabled with a SIM card slot for network connectivity. The device connects with the GPS satellites via internet and relays the vehicle’s location data to the central command. With this data, the command centre can track every single vehicle, and soldier in real-time, ensuring the safety of the troops on the field.

Reduce Troop Movement Costs with Optimized Routes

The GPS Trackers for Trucks can be paired with Fleettrack’s White label GPS software that can be installed in the control room’s servers. This software works in tandem with the hardware, taking in location data, route data, and other information from the GPS hardware. The advantage of this paired setup is that, these systems can be used for optimizing the troop’s travel routes. The software saves the route data for up to three months and provides a detailed report about the same. This report can be used to streamline the routes with the in-built maps function within the GPS software. An optimized set of routes results in better efficiency in transport, and reduced movement costs for the armed units.

Protect the Borders with Timely Replacements & Backups

The GPS tracking systems also come with other features too. The fuel indication feature helps the drivers and the control centres to keep check of fuel levels in each individual vehicle. The OBD-GPS system, or On-Board Diagnostics GPS system assesses the vehicle’s performance condition and alerts the authorities about the same. This gives them ample time to work on repairs, and find replacements during the same time. Such efficient operations will come in handy for troops working in international borders where there is very little time for monitoring vehicle conditions. 

Safety & Security of Army Personnel is Paramount

The GPS trackers have a special function called geo-fencing. This allows the command centre to create a virtual fence for the vehicles. The fence can be created with the in-built maps and used to monitor the vehicle’s movements within the set diameter. This also prevents theft, and mishandling of government property, and protects the troops from unwanted threats. On one hand, we can ensure that the military personnel don’t misuse army vehicles and on the other, we can track the movement of troops and vehicles in real-time. 

This live tracking also shows any lacunae in the defence systems and geo-strategic locations that provide tactical advantage can be monitoring continuously. With every vehicle in the fleet installed with a GPS system, the armed forces can have accurate information about their troop’s location all the time, during transit, and during off-base camping activities.

Use GPS Software to Manage the Army Vehicles

If you are a contractor who sources vehicles for armed forces, or personnel responsible for procurement and deployment of vehicles, you must seriously consider installing the GPS tracker hardware and software in the vehicles. These systems can prevent the next Pulwama Attack, and save countless lives. This minor investment in these devices will save a lot of time and effort for the personnel protecting our country and our people. 

Contact Fleettrack and get the best deal for the GPS systems. At Fleettrack we develop custom GPS software to meet your exact needs and also provide military grade security to the apps. With a versatile app, you can grow your business while providing the best services to the defence sector and safeguarding the nation.

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