Use GPS Trackers For Efficient Movement of Satellite Parts Between Space Centres

Use GPS Trackers For Efficient Movement of Satellite Parts Between Space Centres

India’s Space organisation is rapidly growing to be one of the most successful organisations in the world. With its efficient & cost effective satellite launch programs providing easy access to space for many countries around the world, ISRO is making new records almost every month. The organisation has its bases in many states too. Some of the notable space research centres are located in districts such as Trivandrum, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Srihari Kota, and the latest space port at Kulasekarapattinam was inaugurated recently. There are over 21 unique space centres spread all across south India, all connected with each other. There is constant transport of equipment, personnel, and even completed satellites between each of these centres. Movement of these critical components brought from different centres have to be assembled, integrated and tested at launching facilities. There are multiple security threats and risks associated in the whole process.

Risks Associated with the Transportation Process

Firstly, these are high-tech critical components which when falls into the wrong hands can be used for destructive purposes. Similarly, we can’t afford any damages to the components. Even a small accident or unexpected toppling during transit can break these systems. Any inordinate delay in the transportation can delay multiple operations and could lead to loss in crores or worse total shutdown of projects. So, it is important that the vehicles reach in time. 

Ensure timely Movement of Critical Components

With a need for connectivity between this numbers of centres, the organisation has to be careful all the time about how its equipment is transported across them. This is where GPS trackers come in handy for their operations. Almost all the equipment involved in space research are precision based, and they require careful transport between locations. There is also the need for timely dispatch and delivery of the goods to ensure smooth operations of the centres. The GPS Trackers from Fleettrack come in handy during these transit operations. These trackers provide accurate location information to the authorities at the centre, and make sure the vehicles reach their destinations on time.

Constantly Track the Movement and Provide Security

The GPS system comes as two parts, the hardware, and the software. The GPS hardware includes a small GPS device that can be attached to the vehicles. It can be retrofitted with any vehicle and it consumes very little power from the battery. This hardware has an in-built SIM slot within which a network connect SIM card can be inserted. The SIM card connects with the internet and calculates the location information of the vehicle. It constantly monitors the vehicle’s movement, and relays the location information to the GPS Software. The software can be installed in the control centres, and it easily merges with any operating system that’s already installed in the servers. The software obtains the info from the hardware and shows the location information, vehicle speed, and more data in real-time.

Minimise Cost of Transportation with Efficient Routes

The GPS Tracking Hardware has some other unique features too. Some hardware are custom made to record other data about the vehicles. GPS with fuel indicators will show the fuel levels in each of the vehicles and send alerts to the control room and the drivers. The OBD-GPS, or, On-Board Diagnostics GPS system keeps track of vehicle conditions such as tyre pressure, radiator condition, vehicle’s overall condition, etc. This data is relayed to the software for further analysis. The software then generates a detailed report about the vehicle and suggests necessary improvements about the same. The GPS tracker for trucks becomes very useful for operating heavy trucks that transport critical components between the space centres. The overall cost of transportation can be greatly reduced with optimal use of these systems.

Use GPS Software to Monitor Movement of all Components

By installing the GPS systems in all the vehicles, the centres can cut-back on their pressure about transport of components between the centres. The GPS trackers will keep the vehicles in vicinity and make sure they are operating at peak efficiency all through the year. This efficient functioning will add up to the overall performance of the organisation itself. An additional feature that comes with the GPS trackers is the geo-fencing program. This program allows the control centres to set up virtual fences for the vehicles. The centres can mark, and redesign travel routes between them, so that the vehicles stay on track and never get lost along the way.

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