Keep Your Motorbike Safe during Cross-country Biking

Keep Your Motorbike Safe during Cross-country Biking

There’s no greater feeling than riding your bike across borders, with endless road in sight. There are a lot of people from around the world, who have taken up this fascinating hobby of exploring the world by roads. The growth of high-performance bikes market is aiding this hobby among many millennials and Gen-Z youngsters.

If you are one of those people who loves going on long rides that stretches hundreds if not thousands of kilometres, then you will know the importance of protecting your vehicles during these trips. Your bikes are obviously, very expensive, and you need to protect them at all costs. You might never know who might be waiting in which part of the road to steal your bike and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. 

Install FleetTrack GPS Tracker for Bike

The easiest solution to your bike protection problem is to install a GPS Tracker for bike. These devices are very small, and barely noticeable as an added component. They consume very little power, and there are also variants that come with their own battery pack. They have a SIM slot in which you can insert and activated internet enabled SIM card. This allows the tracker to keep connected to the internet and transmit its location details to a software. 

Fleettrack offers one of the best GPS hardware in the market. It is also easily affordable, and requires very little installation time. The device can be fitted to any vehicle, be it bikes, cars, trucks, trailers, and more. You can pair it with Fleettrack’s White label GPS software and let it do the protection work from now on.

Download the App and Install it On Your Devices

When you get the GPS tracker from Fleettrack, you also get access to an app through which you can track the bike in real time. It is available on Play Store and you can easily install the same in your mobile phone. This allows you to monitor your GPS hardware on your screen, no matter where you go. The software comes with features such as safe parking alarm, geo-fence system, and even customisable alerts. The app can be installed in all OS platforms, be it Android, iOS, or any other software. It also stores your route history and lets you remember your joyful rides long after you reach home.

Track and Monitor the Location of the Bike

The safe parking alarm comes in handy when you need to take a break after a long ride. You could check into a highway hotel anytime knowing that your vehicle is safely parked outside. You can even activate the geo-fence and get alerts if anyone tries to steal your bike. The geo-fence feature can do more than that. If in case your bike gets stolen, this feature will alert you and continuously sends location information of the vehicle. You can then track your bike down, and retrieve it easily.

In Case of Theft, Immediately Contact Legal Authorities

As safe as the GPS Trackers for bike are, you need to make sure to contact the local authorities in case your bikes get stolen. You can share the GPS tracker information with the authorities for their ease of operations in retrieving your bikes. Do not try to be a hero and get into a fight with strangers if your bike gets stolen. The trackers have your back, and they will make it easy to recover your vehicle. So, don’t waste your time and contact the authorities immediately.

Track the Live Location of Your Friends and Riding Party

If you are travelling as a group, the GPS systems will help you keep track of your fellow riders. The software can be used to connect multiple GPS hardware in multiple vehicles. This allows everyone to stay connected and not lose track of your team mates. So, you all can easily fix the next rendezvous point and assemble there at the right time. Once you experience the convenience of the GPS trackers, you can’t imagine a life without these.

Stay Safe and Drive Safe

Wherever you go, stay safe and drive smooth. Ensure your safety with the GPS systems and let your loved ones know that you are safe on your travels. After all, they can track you through the desktop app which constantly tracks your routes. Keep your loved ones updated and enjoy the ride without causing worry to others or for yourself. 

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