How a Seafood Company can Benefit by Using GPS Trackers

How a Seafood Company can Benefit by Using GPS Trackers

Seafood industry is one of the few that operates on a round the clock basis. Every step from fishing at the sea to delivering the catch to the stall requires timely action and coordination between various parties. If you are running a seafood business with several vessels going out into the sea every day, then using GPS trackers on your boats can come in real handy. These trackers help you keep track of your boats, while simultaneously ensuring timely delivery.

Install a GPS for Your Fishing Boats

GPS Trackers come in various sizes and shapes. Recent developments in Information Technology industry has given rise to compact sized GPS trackers that can be easily fitted in any vehicle. These devices come with their own battery packs which can last days before being recharged. This means, even if the vehicles lose charge in their battery, the trackers will be working. Many land transport vehicles use these trackers to improve their operational efficiency. But, the real potential of these trackers lie in the fishing industry, where boats heading out into the sea can get the most benefit. The trackers can relay accurate location data to both the boats, and the control towers in the land. This makes sure the vessels don’t get lost at sea, and also helps the crew to return safely ashore if they face any difficulties like sudden weather shifts.

Some of the advantages of using a GPS tracker in the boats are as follows.

  • It helps people on the boat to identify the right way back to the land.
  • Fisher folk can stay within the boundary of the country and prevent themselves from straying out into the boundary of the neighbouring countries.

Track Your Boats in Real-Time

Of the many GPS tracker devices available in the market, we recommend you use Fleettrack’s GPS system. It is cheap, and comes with several add-on features that come in handy during your business operations. Aside from tracking your boats in real-time, these trackers also monitor route data, compile detailed reports about fuel efficiency, operational efficiency, and even gives you custom alerts about the vessel’s status. The fuel indicator alert notifies you and the captain about the fuel levels, making you take the necessary steps forward.

Load the Fishes Immediately to the Refrigerated Cargo Carrier

The GPS Tracker can be installed along with Fleettrack’s Whitelabel GPS Software. This software can be easily installed in multiple devices and made to work in tandem with the hardware. You can install the hardware in your cargo carriers and have the software installed in your phones/computers track the ship’s movements. No matter where the ships are at sea, you will have their location data within seconds. This will help you with shipping your fish & other allied products to international markets, with ease.

Navigate the Cargo Carriers with Ease

The cargo vessels tend to be in the oceans for a long time. Gone are the days when you had to wait for several days before you get the confirmation that the consignments have reached their destination. Now you will know where the carrier is and relay that information immediately to your customers abroad. The GPS trackers also help you tackle the piracy problems in international waters. You can alert your captain to avoid certain areas, or even track the vessel in case it is high-jacked by pirates.

Deliver to Various Shops & Sellers

With an optimised tracking system installed in your systems, you can rest easy knowing all your vessels at sea are safe from threats, and functioning at peak efficiency. You can expand your business around the world, for you know you can deliver to any location, on time, securely. With GPS assisted navigation, your truck drivers can easily find out the delivery locations and reach the place in time.

Enhance the Profitability with FleetTrack GPS Trackers

Take up new orders from around the world, and sign new deals with foreign markets. With Fleettrack’s GPS systems in your hands, your business is all set to boom. The software also generates periodic reports about your vessels. You can even get a customised report on vehicle operations any time. Use this data to optimise your operations and increase your profits from your business. So, what are you waiting for? Install GPS trackers in your boats and grow your business already.



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