Grow Your Construction Equipment Company with  GPS Trackers from FleetTrack

Grow Your Construction Equipment Company with GPS Trackers from FleetTrack

Real estate is an ever-demanding sector. There is always need for a new building, be it a house, or an apartment, or an office building, or even a skyscraper. With the demand for buildings remaining constant in the market, there also a demand for companies that supply construction equipment to the estate developers. However higher demand by default doesn’t guarantee a high profitability for companies in the construction industry.

Everything from concrete mixers, trucks, bulldozers, cranes, rollers, pavers, excavators, loaders, etc. are all essential during construction. The companies that hold these vehicles work for contract, and share no liability with the developers about the condition and maintenance of their equipment. If you own such a company and are responsible for your machineries, then installing GPS Trackers for vehicles will come in handy for you.

Why Construction Equipment & Machinery Need GPS

GPS trackers are tiny devices that can be fitted to all your vehicles so that you can keep track of their movements, and conditions no matter where you are in the world. The devices relay accurate location information about the vehicles in real-time, and lets you know where they are being used, and if they are handled properly too. The reason why you need to install them in your vehicles is that your machines are expensive, and you can’t afford to lose them. Their insurance costs are usually higher than regular commercial vehicles, and renting these vehicles means you need to maintain them in top condition all year round. With the trackers in place, you can relax about the safety of the vehicles. These trackers also monitor the vehicle’s performance, routes, and even data such as parking time.

Install GPS Trackers in Vehicles & Track in Real Time

With the GPS hardware installed in your fleet of vehicles, you can now proceed to install a GPS software in your systems. This software works parallel to the hardware, and receives location and other data from the software. The hardware unit is enabled with a SIM slot in which an internet enabled SIM card will be put in place. This SIM will transmit the location information of the vehicle to the software, which will then alert you about the vehicle’s movements. You can even set up geo-fence for your vehicles so that they stay within the stipulated boundaries during their contract hours. There are many important features that you can use to ensure that your fleet of vehicles are well protected. 6/This allows for a complete protection of the vehicles.

Negotiate for Lower Insurances

Insurance is an important part of the huge part of your annual expenses for maintaining the fleet of vehicles. Since you have ensured the safety of your vehicles through the GPS Tracker systems, you can even negotiate for reducing your insurance premiums with your insurance provider. These companies, as you know, tend to overcharge your premiums stating the policy covers many damages, and so on. Now that your vehicle is safe in your hands, you need not pay unnecessary costs to the insurance providers, and only pay for what’s necessary.

Streamline Works & Allocate Resources Wisely

The GPS Trackers provide you a lot more value for the price. One of the best features that come with the system is the report generator. This feature generates detailed reports about each of your individual vehicles. The report contains details such as fuel efficiency, route map and suggestions, driver performance, vehicle condition, engine condition, etc. With all this data in your hand, you can streamline your operations and boost your company’s overall performance. You no longer have to waste unnecessary fuel or lose the precious rent.

Get Higher Profits by Optimum Utilisation

With optimal performance provided by the vehicles, and an efficient system in place to monitor all the vehicles, you can relax, for your business is now secure. You can plan better for your future projects, and increase your annual profits with the efficient equipment. Of all the GPS Tracker systems available in the market now, Fleettrack’s GPS hardware, and White label GPS Software are the best. They are of low cost, and therefore easily affordable.

You can contact Fleettrack for more details about our products and request for a demo about the same. This will help you understand more about these systems and see the practical value about the same.


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