How Law Enforcement Agencies Can Streamline Monitoring and  Action with GPS Trackers

How Law Enforcement Agencies Can Streamline Monitoring and Action with GPS Trackers

Law and order is an important requirement for any civic society. If the society is peaceful without any crimes, then the condition is good enough for the overall growth and prosperity of any country. That is why, governments around the world create a robust law enforcement agencies. However, there is always a lacuna in enforcing law and order. With the latest GPS devices police forces and other law enforcement agencies can ensure better protection and safety for the people.

Quick Response is Important for Better Law Enforcement

Police forces and other agencies are always on the lookout to actively and pre-emptively neutralise risks and potential crimes. Patrolling during the day time and night time is important for effective enforcement of law and order. While the crimes during day time are easily addressed, the crimes that happen during night time requires immediate response. In case of a delay, the trail could go cold and it would be hard to pursue the leads in the crime. So, rapid response in night time is important.

Monitor and Despatch Police Vehicles Easily

Patrolling during night time can be monitored in real time and the police vehicles can be routed in such a way that a police vehicle is always at reach from risky areas. When we install GPS trackers in all police vehicles it will be easy to monitor and despatch the vehicles from the command centre.

Whenever there is a case of a crime, the calls are routed to police control centre and the team in the centre can find the closest vehicle and despatch the police force to the location. This way, crimes can be averted or immediately controlled. Further there are many advantages of installing GPS tracker for police vehicles.

Advantages of Installing GPS Tracker for Police Vehicles

Police vehicles are some of the least maintained vehicles. This is due to the fact that there is always a need for police vehicles and hence these vehicles don’t undergo proper and continuous maintenance. However by installing on-board diagnostics along with the GPS trackers for cars, we can easily detect the anomalies in the operation of the vehicle. This helps in early identification of potential breakdowns in the vehicles.

After this, the police force can easily arrange for replacement vehicles and send the critical vehicle to scheduled maintenance.

Safeguard Cars from Theft & Instil Confidence in the Public

Another interesting merit of installing the GPS tracker is that these vehicles, just like any other vehicles are also under the risk of theft. While there is a general deterrent in the minds of people, it is not completely safe. True that carjacking the vehicles of police force will come with grave consequences but it will not stop the crime. Similarly a theft of the police vehicle is a grave incident for the force and will have many repercussions. With GPS trackers, we can easily find the car and bring the car thieves to justice.

Similarly bikes in the police force also require proper safety features and by installing the GPS tracker for bikes, police bikes can be safely monitored. With 24/7 monitoring, the control team can ensure the safety of these vehicles. In case of a theft, the team can immediately enable the geo-fencing options to ensure the cars are not transported to a faraway place. In dire conditions, remote engine lock can be enabled to stop the vehicle as soon as it reduces to a speed of 10kmph or lower. This way, there won’t be any accidents due to sudden stopping of the vehicles and at the same time, the vehicle will be with thin the geographical limit of the police station.

In short, the GPS trackers can avoid unnecessary press citing the theft of police vehicles, or the scare among public and most importantly the legal hassle and mess one has to handle if the cars are stolen and found within the limits of another police station or even state.

Ensure Better and Efficient Operations of the Police Force

Strategic patrolling and checks throughout the day can reduce crime but it will also lead to an increase in the cost of operation such as high fuel cost, repair and maintenance cost, etc. By using the white-label GPS software, police force can record the route maps of all the vehicles over a period of time and use the data to create better patrolling routes and schedules.

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