How Milk Farms can Streamline Production & Distribution with GPS Trackers

How Milk Farms can Streamline Production & Distribution with GPS Trackers

Owning a milk farm that churns out hundreds of litres of milk every day is a voluminous task. Unlike other food items, milk requires a special attention when it comes to transport, storage, and distribution. There is need for a sanitized storage facility, and a good set of insulated, sealed tanker trucks that needs to be in top condition all year round. 

Storage facilities are easy to be maintained, but the transport trucks are the hard part. You can make your job easy by installing a set of GPS trackers in your trucks, so that you know the condition of your vehicles from anywhere. These modern yet affordable trackers will show more than the truck’s location information. Data like, truck speed, fuel levels, parking timers, etc. can be obtained using modern On-Board diagnostics sensors. This advanced data along with proper management software will help you streamline your business.

Perishable Food Requires Timely Transportation

As with every other food, milk is easily perishable. This is why milk is transported and distributed almost within a couple days of collection. The transport trucks play a crucial role in this; they take the load from the farms, take it to the processing facilities, and finally take the processed milk to the sales & distribution centres located across the cities. Each of these operations require a unique set of vehicles all fulfilling a specific condition. 

Your collection vehicles need to visit several individual cow farms and take the product to the processing facility. The distribution vehicles must deliver the processed milk on time so that it keeps the demand-supply chain intact. Both these processes require timely operation of the vehicles, and any delay in the transport could lead to the product getting bad, or the market facing shortages.

Track Real-time Position of Your Vehicles with GPS Trackers

By installing a GPS tracker in your trucks, you can make sure the vehicles run on time every day. These trackers provide accurate location information for all the vehicles in your fleet. But first, you need to install the GPS hardware in all your vehicles. This hardware works in tandem with Fleettrack’s GPS software which can be easily installed in your system. The software monitors the vehicle’s location information through cell-phone networks, for the hardware is enabled with a SIM card that transmits the data. By knowing the exact position of your vehicles, you can make sure they reach their destinations on time.

In case of a breakdown or accidents, you can easily dispatch a replacement vehicles or maintenance team directly to the location. This way, there is a very small delay in your operations which ensures the freshness of the milk and other dairy products. 

Chart Milk Collection Routes and Minimise the Travel Time

Another advantage of Fleettrack’s GPS tracker for cars and trucks is that they monitor the routes taken by the vehicles, and map them up. Frequently used routes, shortcuts, and pit stops are all stored by the tracker, and it suggests you to take the best possible routes to ensure maximum efficiency in transportation. This smart feature helps you design the best collection routes between the various milk farms you source the product from. The overall travel time is greatly reduced by this smart system and you will feel the difference getting reflected in your profits. You get quicker collection of milk, lower fuel costs, and better quality of milk which ultimately lead to better profitability of your farm.

Streamline Operations with Minimal Delivery Time

Use the GPS device to reduce the delivery time of your vehicles. The speed monitor feature helps you calculate the optimal speed required for reaching any destination in a designated route. Alert your drivers and instruct them on their speed requirements so that they will deliver the product at the right place at the perfect time. This way, you can improve the efficiency of your operations, and earn a trustworthiness with all your customers.

Enhance Profitability of Your Milk Farm by Reducing Wastage

Many trucks and vehicles face the risk of damage and accidents while on highways, and other roads. This leads to unwanted delays, and damages in operations. You can avoid all that using the GPS for cars or trucks. The trackers give you detailed reports about the routes, and speed, using which you can avoid uncertainties, and operate smoothly. With optimal functioning, you can enhance your profits in the long run. 

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