Common Misconceptions about GPS Trackers That Aren’t True

Common Misconceptions about GPS Trackers That Aren’t True

GPS Trackers is fast becoming an important accessory in the automobile industry. The whole industry has embraced the need for such accessories. However, some people who are still old-fashioned have many aversions in adopting this new technology. If you are someone who is yet to install the latest GPS trackers in your car or bike, then you need to read this. 

GPS Trackers are Expensive

Although GPS trackers come with an extensive list of benefits, old drivers are yet to make the transition and use these trackers to their advantage. One of the inhibitions in using these trackers is the common misconception that GPS trackers are expensive products and they get impaired easily. However, the truth can’t be farther from this. These are relatively low priced, affordable and rugged devices that can withstand most common impacts. 

For instance a GPS tracker for your vehicle costs less than ₹3000 for the device and also for the SIM card and a data plan for a period of 12 months. 

GPS Trackers are Not Accurate

Another common misconception among people is that GPS trackers don’t provide accurate location information. There could be stray incidents of the tracker not showing the right location. However, these are issues faced by people who don’t buy the standard devices. Instead of focusing on the quality and reliability, if you concentrate on their cost alone, such incidents are bound to happen. If you have faced any such reliability issues in the past, you should immediately switch to more reliable GPS trackers from Fleettrack. 

Batteries Drain When You Use GPS Trackers

If you think that installing a GPS tracker to your car will drain its battery, think again. These trackers don’t use a lot of power for showing you the real-time location. It will draw less power than your headlight. So, you can go ahead and install the tracker in your vehicles with confidence. 

Even if you are planning to install it on your bike, there won’t be any considerable change in the battery life. You can buy the wireless GPS tracker for your bike and install it beneath your bike seat. This way, you can track the real-time location of your bike, even if you are nowhere near the bike. 

If you are still afraid if the tracker would reduce the battery life of your bike or car, then there is another choice. Instead of buying the tracker without self-sustained power, you can buy the ones with the battery pack. These are 10000 mAh batteries and hence you can use the GPS trackers for a long period without worrying about a recharge. Such batteries can last for more than 10 to 15 days. Even if the battery runs out after 15 days, you can easily recharge the battery and you are good to track your bikes and cars in real-time. 

You Can Use GPS Trackers only in Vehicles

Many people still believe that GPS trackers are for use only in the vehicles. True, that these devices can be used for protecting your bikes and cars. However, those are the not the only places, where you can use these trackers. 

All that you need for the GPS tracker to operate is a source of power. All vehicles have stable sources of power and hence people find it easier to install these in the vehicles. If you are buying the ones with battery packs, then there is no limit on where you can use these GPS trackers. 

For instance, you can install the device in even cycles and use it to track the real time location of your cycles and other vehicles. If you are a concerned parent, you can keep these trackers in the school bags of your kids and ensure that they don’t err away from usual path. You can set up proximity alerts and geofencing and get immediate alerts whenever they reach a certain place or go out of the usual route. This way, you have a reliable device ensuring the safety and security of your kids.

GPS Tracker is a Spying Device

Another common belief is that the GPS trackers are spying devices. This is a common belief which is wrong. These tiny devices are not meant to be used as spy gadgets. There are some advanced models that even provide voice link with the device. These devices can be switched on from remote to listen to the sound and noises. This functionality comes highly helpful, when your kids miss their bus or gets lost.

So, are you still believing these misconceptions?

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