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Fleettrack TAG Smart Bluetooth Tracker for Keys, Wallet, Pets and Kids – Phone Finder, Smart Lost Item Tracker

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Regular price Rs. 999.00
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  • FIND YOUR BELONGINGS WITH GREAT EASE - Fleettrack TAG is an intuitive Bluetooth device synced with a smart app which helps you to locate your daily-use belongings like keys, wallet, purse and gadgets. It simply puts an end to constantly searching for your things. You can now find the device by just clicking on “Play Sound” button in the app and your TAG will start ringing if it’s within the range.
  • LOST & FOUND COMMUNITY AT YOUR SERVICE -  If you can't find your belonging tagged with TAG, you can anonymously ask for help to track it down using Fleettrack's vast community. Set your device’s status to ‘LOST’ in the Fleettrack app. Now, whenever another Fleettrack user moves within the range of your TAG, their phone will connect to it and send a location ping to you.
  • SMART SEPARATION ALERT -  Put an end to the habit of losing your essentials behind. With our separation alert feature, you will be notified instantly if your TAG or your phone moves out of range from each other, minimising the chances of you leaving anything valuable behind. It’s like finding something before you even lose it!
  • FIND YOUR PHONE WITH THE PRESS OF A BUTTON - Can’t find your phone? Simply press and hold the button on your TAG for 3 seconds and your phone will start to ring.
  • NOW TAKE THE PERFECT SELFIE USING YOUR TAG - You don’t need to carry bulky selfie-stick anymore! Simply use your TAG button to take the photo by clicking the button when you're ready. OTHER FEATURES: The TAG has a high-performance battery lasting up to 16-18 months. It comes with Bluetooth BLE 5.0, Loud Sound Alert up to 98 decibels, and Proximity Rings that tells you how close or far you are from your device.