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  • Geofence Entry/Exit

    A geofence in a GPS tracker is a virtual boundary defined by geographic coordinates. It allows tracking systems to trigger a response when a GPS-enabled device enters or exits a predefined area. Geofencing is commonly used in various applications such as fleet management, asset tracking, and location-based marketing. It enables businesses to monitor and manage their assets, vehicles, or personnel more effectively by providing real-time notifications and alerts based on their location relative to the defined boundaries.

  • Ignition On/Off

    Ignition on/off tracking in a GPS tracker refers to the ability to detect when a vehicle's ignition is turned on or off. This feature is essential for monitoring vehicle usage, such as fleet management or theft prevention. By accurately detecting ignition events, GPS trackers can provide valuable insights into vehicle activity, including start and stop times, idling durations, and unauthorized usage. This information helps businesses optimize their operations, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance security by providing real-time alerts for suspicious activity or unauthorized vehicle use.

  • Overspeeding

    Speeding alerts in a GPS tracker, often referred to as "overspeed alerts," notify users when a monitored vehicle exceeds a predefined speed limit. This feature is crucial for promoting safe driving practices, preventing accidents, and ensuring compliance with speed regulations. When a vehicle surpasses the set speed threshold, the GPS tracker instantly triggers an alert, enabling fleet managers or individuals to take prompt action, such as notifying drivers, addressing potential safety concerns, or enforcing speed policies. Overspeed alerts help organizations enhance driver accountability, reduce fuel consumption, and mitigate the risk of accidents associated with excessive speeding.

  • Power Cut Alarm

    Device disconnected alerts in a GPS tracker notify users when there is a loss of connection between the tracking device and the monitoring system. These alerts are essential for ensuring the reliability and functionality of the tracking system. When the device disconnects, users receive immediate notifications, enabling them to take corrective action, such as troubleshooting connectivity issues, replacing batteries, or addressing tampering attempts. Device disconnected alerts help maintain continuous monitoring of assets, vehicles, or personnel, enhancing security and enabling timely response to potential disruptions or emergencies.

  • Safe Parking Alarm

    A safe parking alarm in a GPS tracker is a feature designed to enhance the security of vehicles by alerting owners or managers when a vehicle is parked in an unsafe or unauthorized location. This alarm can be triggered when a vehicle is parked in areas known for high crime rates, unauthorized zones, or places with poor lighting or visibility. When activated, the GPS tracker sends an alert to the user, providing real-time notification of the vehicle's location and potential safety concerns. Safe parking alarms help prevent theft, vandalism, and other security risks by enabling timely intervention and ensuring vehicles are parked in secure locations.

  • Stats

    Analytics in GPS trackers involve the analysis of location-based data collected from GPS-enabled devices to derive meaningful insights and patterns. These analytics provide valuable information for various applications, such as fleet management, logistics optimization, and performance monitoring. By analyzing factors like vehicle routes, speed, idle time, and fuel consumption, businesses can identify inefficiencies, improve operational processes, and make data-driven decisions to enhance productivity and reduce costs. GPS tracker analytics also facilitate predictive maintenance, driver behavior analysis, and compliance monitoring, helping organizations optimize their assets and operations for greater efficiency and profitability.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can GPS systems for bikes help in theft prevention?

Yes, GPS systems for bikes do assist in theft prevention. Most GPS systems alert the user of unauthorized access and can also help in locating the vehicle in case it is stolen.

Do you provide a wireless GPS tracking device for bikes?

Yes, Fleettrack provides a wireless GPS tracking device for bikes, called the Plug-and-Play GPS Tracker.

How to choose a good bike tracker?

There are many devices available in the market and each device has different specifications. A good bike tracker for you is one that has the features and price points tailored to your needs.